How to Remove Back Glass on a Samsung S9 Phone

Removing of Samsung S9 back glass should not be done by force but with the careful process. Here at Helpertech Burnsville, we make every effort to make back glass removal smooth and careful. We don’t want to further damage the unit when they are brought to us for repair. We always make sure that we handle your unit with the utmost care.


  • Tools needed to remove back glass on a Samsung S9.

  • Step by step procedure in removing Samsung S9 back glass.

  • Helpertech in Burnsville can help you remove your back glass safely.

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All right, guys. We’re going to show you how to remove the back glass off of an S9. It’s relatively simple, though it does require a heat gun. We’ve got an iSesamo and we’ve got another thin… This is an iFixit guitar pick, but you know, you can use anything that’s a hard plastic. Some people use playing cards. We’ve got this thing that’s kind of like a credit card. Same shape and width. We’re just going to get right into it. There’s thickness here to keep this from laying back down, but I’m going to keep using the pick to go under the glass as it’s a little bit more flexible and less likely to break the glass. I just used the iSesamo to start.

Now there’s a little bit of extra adhesive that’s farther down that’s going to be hard to get with the pick, so I’m going to use the card to actually reach down and get those. The nice thing with the big plastic is you’re less likely to accidentally break it. It’s hot by the way. Careful. Now as you get down towards that last corner, you start using some leverage to help just pry that up. Now you don’t want to just rip it off because there is your touch button is there, the fingerprint scanner. You want to open it up and you want to disconnect it. You can see that you’ve got the cable right here that connected to right here.

You want to just make sure you unclip that, that you don’t actually catch it with any of your pry tools, and that you don’t rip it. But otherwise, that is how you take off the back glass. You guys have a nice day.

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