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The phone is dead, long live the phone! They were able to replace my battery in my iPhone 5 in an afternoon! No loss of data, no need to DFU and restore, everything just as it was before the battery gave up the ghost and my phone got stuck in a boot loop! They were easy to work with, they had a good idea of what needed fixing right off the bat, the price didn’t take my breath away, they didn’t proceed with any repairs beyond what we costed out without contacting me first and now I have a phone that should last another 3 years if I need it to 🙂. What a great experience. Next time my cats tank my laptop (they’re great at pitching it to the floor and breaking things like, oh, the screen), I’ll give these guys a holler. [Facebook]

Absolutely WONDERFUL customer service from. We will definitely be going back for all of our electronic needs. [Google]

I broke the screen on my iPhone. I was able to carefully search (without cutting my finger!) for a repair place and they came up first. I called and they explained their pricing, timing, hours and texted me their location. I then called to shop prices and theirs was priced better than the others.  I went there and was out in less than 15 minutes.  My phone was back to normal less than 45 minutes after I drove from Edina to Eagan to have it repaired. Got a free gift too 🙂 [Yelp]

man-150x150 Jon

Went there last week to get my screen repaired on my iphone 5c. They gave me an exact price quote over the phone. My screen had been damaged for almost a year and I was using saran wrap to keep it usable. It only took about 15 minutes just as they said during my quote and my phone looks like new again. They also offer $40 in accessories with screen replacement so I received a case and a screen protector for myself and my girlfriend at no additional charge. Veronica was very friendly at the front desk as well. As I was waiting I observed some amazing offers on refurbished items in their lobby. This place is the real deal and I’m sure would be able to help you with any technical repairs for phones, computers, tablets, etc. Thank you guys so much! [Facebook]

When I dropped my iPhone 6 into the washer on Saturday morning of Labor Day weekend, I absolutely lost my mind. After an immediate google search, I went straight to them. Though they weren’t able to run diagnostic testing until the following Tuesday morning due to the phone’s water-logged state and the holiday weekend, they provided me a free loaner phone for the weekend which was a saving grace. I will continue using them for all of my technological repair needs for the foreseeable future. A great place with quality customer service and quick support. Thanks! [Google]

man-150x150 Jed

I had a iPhone with a cracked screen that I wanted to get repaired so my son could text and FaceTime family members while they traveled. Your staff was able to take a screen off a different old iPhone of mine and put it on the cracked phone. Repair was completed in 17 minutes and your staff provided me with great pricing options.
Thanks and will definitely recommend your service. [Facebook]

I had my iPhone screen completely smashed. I walked in and got help almost right away. It took them 15 minutes to make my screen look brand new! to add to that, they were so helpful and friendly! I would send everyone here. Where has this place been all my life?! [Facebook]

I want to say to folks who need to get a smart phone screen fixed, these people are the real deal! Veronica and her team were dynamite! They fixed 3 phones and got me back on the road in good time. I live 2 hours away and I will be coming back for all of my future repair needs! [Facebook]

Fixed my phone pretty quickly and I also got a free case! great customer service. I would recommend them to anyone, very affordable. [Google]