iPhone Screen Repair vs Glass Only Replacement

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You Usually Need To Replace The Full LCD Assembly We often get customers who come into our store with their own parts.  They have tried to fix their own phone, but get stuck.  Usually the problem is that they are trying to replace just the glass only, and not the full LCD assembly.  Cassie breaks down the difference, and why it's important to do a full screen repair on your iPhone. YOU'LL LEARN Difference between glass replacement and LCD assembly on iPhone If your iPhone is broken and your screen image is impacted, you need to replace the full LCD assembly The glass replacement only fixes cracked glass Helpertech can repair your iPhone screen in just 15 minutes Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hi everybody, it's Cassie from Helper Tech, and I'm just gonna talk to you about difference in screen repairs. I've had people come in, they actually purchase their own screen, but they're not comfortable doing their own repair. So they come in and we'll install their part [...]

iPhone X Data Recovery After Being Run Over

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This iPhone X Has Some Extreme Damage A customer came in with an iPhone X, and it was definitely one of the most extreme cases of damage we've ever seen!  The phone was run over by a car, and the customer needs data recovery. YOU'LL LEARN What an iPhone X looks like after being run over by a car Helpertech provides iPhone data recovery service Even if you can't use your phone, it may still be possible to transfer the data off of it Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hi, everybody. It's Cassie from Helpertech. I am just gonna show you we had an iPhone X come in here recently that got run over by a car. This is probably in one of our top 10 versions of some of these phones coming in and getting destroyed. You can actually see the frame is broken completely. This is how it was brought in. I have not taken it apart. Just the fact that the frame bent this much is what [...]

Macbook Pro Sales and Repair

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Affordable MacBook Pro and Repair at HelperTech If you need a MacBook Pro at a very affordable price, you can get one at HelperTech in Eagan, MN. They will always have something that will fit your budget. They also have one that has Mojave on it and can be availed for only $499. But if you only need repairs on your MacBook Pro, don't you worry because HelperTech can get it done for you at no time! YOU'LL LEARN MacBook Pro available at HelperTech Eagan, MN MacBook Pro from HelperTech has a 90-day warranty Your college student can get a MacBook Pro from HelperTech HelperTech has the latest Mojave installed in some of their MacBook Pros HelperTech offers repair on MacBook Pros at Eagan, MN Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey, everybody. It's Jamie from Helpertech with you this afternoon. Wanted to show two new items that we just put out on the floor. We've got two new MacBooks in stock. So looking at the first one here. This is [...]

Screen Replacement of iPhones at HelperTech

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Replacing Screens of Your iPhones is Easy with HelperTech Screen replacement for iPhones is a very tedious job. It can take about an hour for this to be done. But with HelperTech, screen replacements can be done in less than an hour, aside from experience technicians, they have prebuilt screens that can help in swiftly replacing your phone's screen. YOU'LL LEARN How screens are replaced with iPhone 7 How important screens are disconnected properly to avoid more damage Your iPhone screen replacements are offered by HelperTech Most screen replacements can be done less than an hour with HelperTech Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hi, everybody. It's Cassey from Helpertech, and I'm going to show how to replace the screen on a 7 plus today. First of what you're going to need is you're going to need this different kind of bit. Let's see if it'll focus for me. It's got a Y. There we go. So it's a Y shape. It's only got three prongs on there. It's going to [...]

Used HP Pavilion All-In-One Computer

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Helpertech Has Used Computers For Sale If you are interested in an all-in-one type of computer, like an iMac, but want to stick with a Windows based PC - check out this HP Pavilion All-In-One.  Helpertech has used computers and AIO devices, at great prices. YOU'LL LEARN HP Pavilion All-In-One Similar to an Apple iMac, but runs on Windows Used for $125 Built in webcam Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey, everybody. It's Jamey from Helper Tech. Hey, today I'm going to introduce you guys to a new item that we have on the floor here. It's an HP Pavilion 20 all-in-one device. So, what's nice about these is if you're interested in the all-in-one concept but you don't like the operating system that the iMacs have, this is a device where you still get the opportunity, again, for that all-in-one where you don't have to have a separate monitor and desktop and you get all the device in one stand-alone piece. Again, it's an item where you can get [...]

Affordable Chromebooks at Helpertech

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Laptops for Your Students at Helpertech If your students need a computer that would help them with their school's homework, Chromebook is the ideal laptop for you. It is not expensive. In fact, it is very affordable and very easy on the budget for every parent. Chromebooks may not be big in storage, but with the help of cloud servers, this laptop can easily perform the tasks needed by your student in school. YOU'LL LEARN Specifications of Chromebooks They are ideal laptops for students Chromebooks are easy on the budget Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey everybody, it's Cassey from HelperTech and I just want to tell you about our two new Chromebooks I just got in here today. They're really good computers if you've got kids going into school, if they're gonna need anything to surf the internet, Word, email, whatever. Do homework, get them off your computer, off the desktop. These are nice, cheap computers that'll get them through the year. They don't have a ton of storage [...]

Basic Fix for Signal Problems on Phones

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Learn the Usual Fixes Needed for Phones Having Signal Problems Helpertech can easily fix signal problems with your phones. The usual problems are usually the antennas in which we might have thought that our phones only have one antenna. Helpertech can help you with all your connective problems on your phone. Some issues can be done in a few minutes and some tajes more time. YOU'LL LEARN The usual reasons for signal problems with your phones Types of antennas you have in your phones What are the basic fixes for signal problems Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hi everybody, it's Cassey from Helpertech and today I'm going to talk to you about some fixes that can help you with signal issues. On these phones, there are two different antennas. There is a main antenna up here that is usually for GPS, Bluetooth, anything like that, and then you have a second antenna. It's this cable right here that is actually connected down on the charge board. So when you're trying [...]

What to Know About Bad Battery Performance

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Learning the Basic Issues of Laptop Batteries and How can HelperTech Help You Helpertech shows a bit of information about batteries, particularly with MacBook Pro A1398. It shows what are some basic hints on how you can spot laptop battery performance issues. YOU'LL LEARN Information about laptop batteries and performance problems Some laptop complains that may lead to bad battery performance The reasons why laptop batteries are bulging Quick repair for laptop bad battery performance Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey everybody, Scott here with Helpertech, and today we're just going to show off a little bit of information about batteries. Right here you're looking at a MacBook Pro A1398, which is a 2012, 2013 model with a retina display. Customer came in with battery complaint issues, trackpad not working issue and the bottom cover overall just feeling bulged. He said he just wouldn't be able to get an entire day out of it, just wouldn't charge very well. Just overall bad performance. I did notice the trackpad was being pushed [...]

Used Computers For Sale At Helpertech

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Desktop Computers and Gaming Computers From Helpertech Helpertech sells used desktop computers for home, office, and gaming needs.  We have a variety of PC's for sale, bundled with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  We have gaming computers too - custom built to whatever specifications you need! YOU'LL LEARN Helpertech sells used desktop computers Lenovo with Core i5 processor Includes monitor, keyboard, and mouse HP Envy with 8GB RAM and AMD graphics card and would work for gaming too Custom built gaming PC with wide screen edge to edge monitor Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey, everybody. It's Jamey from Helpertech. I've spent a lot of time lately on these videos showing off mainly laptops and iMacs, but I do want to mention to you guys that we also sell desktops here at Helpertech. I'm going to show you three of the options that we have on the floor currently. We're going to start off with this Lenovo ThinkCentre here that we're taking a look at, currently on sale for $199. [...]

iPad 4 Screen Repair

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4th Generation iPad Screen Repair Helpertech can perform screen repair on your 4th generation iPad.  Cassie shows us an iPad screen repair on this 4th generation iPad, explaining some of the details that go into a successful and lasting repair.  Helpertech can fix your iPad 2, 3, and 4th gen.  Contact us today! YOU'LL LEARN iPad 4 screen repair Remove the LCD first Clean off the old glass chips so you do no break the new screen iPad 3 and 4 use the same screen Repair takes about 24 hours to fully cure the adhesive Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hi, everybody. It's Cassie from Helpertech and I'm going to talk to you about how to install an iPad 4 and put a new screen in there. I've already got this one partially apart. I already took out the LCD, which is over here. The way that I did that is I've got the connector, and it would've gone in right here, and this is just a lever that you [...]