iPhone 11 Screen Repair

March 26th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPhone 11 Screen Repair In this edition of our iPhone repair video series, we are looking at iPhone 11 screen repair. A few things you will learn are: * Repair cost of $199 under an hour * Repair cost of $219 under 15 minutes * Walking in with no appointment needed Screen Replacement On iPhone 11 Learn and know how we can help you with fixing your iPhone 11 screen. We looked at fixing the iPhone 11 screen in this video edition. We know that at certain period of time, devices can begin to develop problems such as screen problems, at which point it calls for repair. If you own an iPhone 11 with screen problems, do not fret, we are here to help. We have 2 options we employ in repairing your iPhone  screen. We can have it done in an hour for $199, or in under 15 minutes for $219. You can stop by at any given time whenever you're ready to have your iPhone 11 screen repair done. No appointment is needed. YOU'LL [...]

MacBook Pro 2012 For Sale

March 25th, 2020|TechTalk|

 MacBook Pro 2012 For Sale Here are some of the things you will learn in this Video about the MacBook Pro 2012 for sale. Some of the features are: * Processor: Intel Core i5 @2.5GH * RAM size of 4GB * Storage: 500GB HDD * Operating system: MAC OS X Mojave * 90 Day Warranty * $499 Sale price Buy MacBook Pro So quickly in this video we want to talk to you about a really good MacBook Pro for sale at our stores. We'd like to mention that this has got some really cool features and you will love this. This is a great choice for anyone already working from home or if you are just about getting started working from home, then this MacBook Pro 2012 for sale is your best bet. The design is really sleek and it's very comfortable to work with, not to mention some of its specifications which makes it a great choice for you to use for your at home work and projects. This MacBook Pro 2012 for sale [...]

iPhone Cleaning Solution

March 12th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPhone Cleaning Solution Some of the things you will learn in this edition are  You can use a couple of laser wipes in cleaning your iPhone. It does the job pretty good.  You can use a UV light for the cleaning  Ultra-violet(UV) light are very useful in breaking down germs on phones.  Applying UV light on your iPhone in 30 seconds to a minute can help in breaking down germs.  Practicing regular cleaning habits, because it's very easy after your hand touches your phone and you apply it on your face afterwards could result in germ outbreak.  Also, a little bit of alcohol could do the job too, but be careful not to drown your phone in it. iPhone Cleaning Tool  How to clean your iPhone. In this edition of our video series we dive into a very important issue, and that is "iPhone Cleaning". And we will be looking at a few tips to carrying out an effective cleaning for an iPhone. iPhone cleaning can be done in one of the following ways such as; [...]

iPad Air 2 For Sale

March 8th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPad Air 2 For Sale Right in this video, we will be showcasing an iPad Air 2 For Sale. If you are a lover of iPad or any of the Apple products, you will certainly love this iPad Air 2 that we have for sale. Below is what you will learn about this iPad Air 2: * It's got 16gb worth of storage. * It's got wifi enabled. * It's fully updated to the latest software. * The sale price of this is for $235. * The iPad is in good condition. * It comes with a 90-day warranty. iPad Air 2 16gb For Sale Are you looking to buy an iPad Air 2? Do you need to replace your current iPad by seeking out a new one? Look no further. We have an iPad Air 2 for sale that you can buy and pick up at an affordable price within any of our stores, be it helpertech Burnsville or helpertech Eagan store. The iPad Air 2 goes for $235 and some of its features are [...]

iPhone X Screen Repair

February 27th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPhone X Screen Repair In this video we talk about iPhone X screen repair and how we are able to help you with any of your iPhone problems. Below are a few points of what you will learn: * How we can help you repair your iPhone 10 screen. * How we can either do the repair in about 15mins for $270. * How we can fix any kind of cracking in the glass or any touch problem. * Also learn about our $20 worth of store credits towards any accessories or products that we sell. How To Get Your iPhone 10 Screen Repaired This is something we can do both at our helpertech Burnsville store and helptertech Eagan store which is now servicing the Mendota heights area. We got two options for this phone. We can either do the repair in about 15mins for $270. Otherwise we can do the repair in an hour for $197. Now this will fix any kind of cracking in the glass or any touch problem that you are having [...]

iPad Battery Replacement

February 25th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPad Battery Replacement In this video we want to look into and talk about iPad battery replacement. We have two iPad minis on display here and I will be showing one of them. The case study we have here is actually for an iPad mini and we look at its battery. So in this scenario we have the battery started expanding to a specific point where it started pushing out the screen. When this happens as demonstrated in the video, the LCD starts to pull apart. We wanted to show this so you can see some of the indications of a bad battery and also emphasize the point that when batteries start expanding, they just keep expanding and never stop. The iPad battery replacement is something we specialize in and we can do this for $89 which takes about a day to do. If you notice your battery is not lasting long, you don't have to wait till it all goes completely bad. Just call in and get it fixed right away. Replace A iPad Battery [...]

iPhone Battery Replacement

February 21st, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPhone Battery Replacement Phones do wear out after a certain period of time. That is true across all electronic devices. It's inevitable. When it does happen that the battery is completely worn out, ideally replacing the battery would be the best option especially if the phone itself is still functioning well in some ways. They usually last about 2 years or so before you really start seeing the decline. Replace An iPhone Battery Cost So in this video we are talking about a simple easy way to remove iPhone battery and replace it when it is bad. We go into showing you a scenario where we remove the battery of a typical iPhone for replacement. The battery is completely gone bad with an indication of being swollen It usually takes us around 15 minutes up to an hour long to usually have batteries replaced. We can do the repairs in an hour for $49, or in 15 minutes for $59 YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to replace an iPhone Battery Our cost for repairing any [...]

iPad Air 2 Screen Repair

February 18th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPad Air 2 Screen Repair It's about iPad Air 2 screen repair in this video. Every electronic device will at some point develop some sort of problems such as screen problems, in this case an iPad Air 2. This type of screen problems could be as a result of many factors such as defects, exposure to water, being hit by a hard object, dropping to the ground and many more. This could result in a crack on the screen and the iPad Air 2 screen becoming less responsive to touch and could eventually stop responding to touch after a while. Repair Cracked Screen On iPad Air 2 We demonstrate in this video how we are able to repair the iPad Air 2 screen in the event it is damaged. Our repair of the iPad Air 2 screen can be done in about a day and the cost goes for $169. Apart from the screen repair, we can also place the battery if that's what you want to do. We do that for $109. Once again it [...]

iPhone 7 Charge Port Repair

February 12th, 2020|TechTalk|

 iPhone 7 Charge Port Repair In this video we examine how you can get your iPhone 7 charge port repair or replaced. We show in this video a case study where the charge port for an iPhone 7 was taken out of the phone already. If you have issues charging or any other problem like connecting to the computer, mic issues in receiving phone calls or voice typing. This also affects the cell antenna part of the phone with issues like having a lot of drop calls, low signals, or just low bar. iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair Cost We can get your iPhone 7 charge port repaired and fixed in about 45 minutes to right around an hour. We usually do this for $79. You can stop by at any of our stores, either at our Eagan store or Burnsville store. You need not book appointment. It is absolutely not necessary. Just walk in at anytime Mondays through Friday. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to repair iPhone 7 charge port Our cost for repairing [...]

LG G6 Rear Lens Repair

February 10th, 2020|TechTalk|

 LG G6 Rear Lens Repair Okay. We take a dive into camera lens repair in this video and we are focusing on a particular mobile device which is LG G6 Rear Lens Repair. We typically just replaced the LG G6 Rear Lens shown in this video. This is something we can do at any of our stores either at Burnsville or Eagan. So typically on average, stuff like this usually takes about an hour to do and we only charge $40 for an LG G6 Rear Lens Repair or replacement like this. Since it is set on the outside, we can just peel it off and waiting for it to set. LG G6 Back Camera Lens Replacement We would also like to let you know that in some cases, some of them we would have to order which can take a couple of days sometimes. In that case you can hold on to the phone until the product comes in. You don't have to book any appointment. Just walk in whenever you are ready. So, if [...]