iPhone 8 Screen Repair

In this video, we talk about iPhone 8 screen repair. It is important to understand that with every device and gadget comes a time where and when the device begins to develop problems with its components such as the screen and others.

It is no different with the iPhone. So if you have an iPhone 8 with screen problems, you are not alone. We offer iPhone 8 screen repair services. In doing the repair, we’ve got 2 options. We can do the iPhone 8 screen repair in under an hour for $119, or if you’re soft of in a rush, we can do the screen repair in 15 minutes for $149.

iPhone 8 Screen Freeze Fix

Bear in mind that both options also come with $20 worth of store credits towards any of our
accessories and poducts we have for sale. You can stop by at any of our stores anytime. No
appointment needed. Just walk in whenever you are ready.

We look forward to having your iPhone 8 screen repair done for you.


  • How we are able to repair the screen of iPhone 8
  • Our cost for repairing an iPhone 8 screen
  • We at Helpertech, Burnsville can help you out with your iPhone 8 screen problems.

Hey everybody, this is Cassie from Helpertech, and I am going to talk to you today about iPhone 8 screen repair. So how do you know this is an eight? Well, you’ve still got a home button. You don’t have a headphone jack, and you do have a glass back.

That’s how you can tell this is an iPhone 8. So, with this, we can do this repair at both Helpertech Eagan and Helpertech Burnsville, and the Helpertech Eagan store is now servicing the Mendota Heights area off of Highway 35, where it hits Cliff Road.

With these ones, we’ve got two options. I can either do the repair in about an hour, and you’d be looking at 119. Or if you’re in more of a rush, I can do that repair in 15 minutes for 149. Both options do also come with $20 worth of store credit towards any accessories or products that we sell. No appointment needed.

You can just stop in any time during our business hours. So once again, you can take this over to our Helpertech Eagan or Helpertech Burnsville store and get that fixed for you. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at (651) 605-2575. You guys have a nice day.

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