HelperTech Can Help You with Your iPad Repair Needs

Common iPad problems can easily be repaired by HelperTech. No appointment is needed. You can visit them anytime inside ACE Hardware on N Main Street, River Falls, Wisconsin. They can help you with almost all your iPad repair needs.


  • Where to have an iPad repair in River Falls at Wisconsin.

  • Common iPad repair available at HelperTech.

  • HelperTech is located inside ACE Hardware on N Main Street, River Falls, Wisconsin.

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Hi everybody, it’s Cassie from Helpertech, and I was just gonna talk to you about iPad repair that you can get done in River Falls.

If your screen breaks, you crack it, you drop it somewhere, kid chucks it across the wall, if the batteries aren’t lasting long … You should actually be able to get at least a day, if not two, out of an iPad battery … Your charge ports aren’t working, plug it in, not doing anything, maybe some of the buttons are malfunctioning, you’ve gotta have that assistive touch on the screen in order to move around or to lock the screen or anything like that …

Stop in over at Ace Hardware and talk to Dave and John, they can get you all taken care of to fix up your iPad just fine in River Falls. Otherwise, if you’re in the Hudson, Prescott, or Madison area, stop over there for iPad repair as well, and they can help you out. You guys have a nice night.

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