Learning the Basic Issues of Laptop Batteries and How can HelperTech Help You

Helpertech shows a bit of information about batteries, particularly with MacBook Pro A1398. It shows what are some basic hints on how you can spot laptop battery performance issues.


  • Information about laptop batteries and performance problems

  • Some laptop complains that may lead to bad battery performance

  • The reasons why laptop batteries are bulging

  • Quick repair for laptop bad battery performance

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Hey everybody, Scott here with Helpertech, and today we’re just going to show off a little bit of information about batteries. Right here you’re looking at a MacBook Pro A1398, which is a 2012, 2013 model with a retina display. Customer came in with battery complaint issues, trackpad not working issue and the bottom cover overall just feeling bulged. He said he just wouldn’t be able to get an entire day out of it, just wouldn’t charge very well. Just overall bad performance. I did notice the trackpad was being pushed through, so that was a very clear sign that the battery is bulging. I popped the bottom cover off, and low and behold, we have this right here. This is a six cell battery. It’s divided out into different cells here, but you can obviously tell that it’s not sitting flat.

Some of these cells are puffed up like a balloon. Some of them are puffed up so hard they feel pretty rock solid, like this one here. This is what happens when lithium reaches its end of life. It just off gases and releases all of its electrons and whatnot inside the battery and they bulge out. Over here you can see I’ve already replaced the battery. This one’s a lot slimmer, lot thinner. It is the same exact one as that one. But now this one has the added benefit of being able to close the lid all the way, and not have an issue. Trackpad’s back to working normal now because there’s nothing pushing from the inside out. It’s already been tested and it’s already good to go.

Thanks very much guys for checking this out. We’re just showing off a little bit of battery information today. Have a good one.

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