Buy Used iPhones from Helpertech and Get $20 Worth of Freebies

Every used iPhone for sale at Helpertech has gone through our complete refurbishing process. When you buy your next smartphone from Helpertech you can trust that you’re getting a good price, a fully refurbished device, and the support that comes with our Helpertech stores and technicians.


  • Where to buy used iPhones in Eagan, Burnsville, and River Falls area

  • Know what a refurbush iPhone meant

  • Know the warranty given to used iPhones when you buy from Helpertech

  • Know how to get the $20 worth of freebies

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Hey everybody, it’s Jamie from Helpertech. I want to show you why you want to buy your next used phone from Helpertech.

What you’re looking at here is we put every phone that we refurbish underneath the microscope. We inspect it thoroughly for any type of board level damage. Such as water damage, bent connectors, any type of board level damage, we’re going to investigate it.

We also put every phone through a 20 point inspection. And if any component fails in that inspection, we replace it with a brand new component.

Another thing that we do is we replace every battery in the phones that we sell with a brand new one. We also throw in a free tempered glass screen protector with every refurbished phone that we sell.

In addition to that, you get a seven day satisfaction guarantee. So for any reason you don’t like the phone in the first seven days, bring it back to the store for the full refund.

You’re also going to get a 90 day warranty on the phone against parts and labor. If anything goes wrong with that phone in the first 90 days, bring it back. We’re going to replace that component for free for you.

If you have any questions about types of make and models that we have, we have many on hand, different storage capacities, different colors, give us a call at our store. Ask if we have what you’re looking for on hand. If we don’t, we can source it for you, and we’re going to back it with our seven day satisfaction guarantee, and our 90 day warranty.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call, or stop in the store.

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