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Helpertech Has Used iMac Computers For Sale

Helpertech has many used Apple iMac computers for sale. Here we are featuring several models, all with 21.5 inch screens. These are used iMacs with included mouse and keyboard. All come with the standard Helpertech 90 day warranty, and are backed by a local store you know and trust.


  • Used iMacs for sale

  • Comes with 90 Day Warranty

  • Priced from $119 to $349

  • 21.5 Inch Screens

  • Includes Mouse

  • Includes Keyboard

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Hey everybody, it’s Jamey from Helpertech here. So, I’m going to jump right back into it.

What I’m showing you here is four different iMac options that we have for sale at our Eagan location, so I’m just going to go through them all real quick, highlight the specs and the price points for you.

So the first one we’re looking at here is a late 2009 model. It’s got a Core 2 duo processor in it, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 500-gig hard drive, currently selling for $279. And as you can see on the display, it’s going to come with a 90-day warranty on it as well.

We’re gonna step over here to the next one. Similar model except for this one’s a mid-2010 and also has a Core i3 processor in it, so it’s gonna be a little bit faster, little better performance out of this one versus the previous one you’ve seen. This one is currently selling for $325.

Now I’ll step over here. Again, this one is also a 21 1/2 inch screen. This one’s gonna have a Core i5 processor, 4 gigabytes of RAM, 500-gig hard drive just like the others. Currently selling this one for $349.

I also do wanna point out, again, these all have 500-gig standard hard drives in them. If you’re looking for a little more speedy performance or a bigger size, we can upgrade these to, again, either a larger standard hard drive or, if you want a solid state hard drive, again, we have the option to upgrade those as well. And the RAM, also, if you’re looking for something with a little more RAM in it. We can upgrade that and get it to where you want it to be.

With that said, we’ll step over here to the next one. Now, this one here is gonna be more for the iMac user who actually hasn’t ever used one before. This is a early 2009 model. It’s gonna have a Core 2 duo processor in it. So, again, this one here’s gonna be really good for going online, sending e-mails, doing some basic functionality. Again, if you’re someone who is just needing a new desktop computer or someone who’s interested in trying an iMac for the first time but you don’t want to drop 3, 4, 500 dollars on one, this would be a great option for you because, again, at that $119 price point, it’s very cheap, very good value in it, and again, it’s gonna get your feet wet on the iMacs before you spend a lot of money on them.

Real quick. Go through the other three again. You got a Core i5 processor over here on this one for $349. We’ve got a Core i3 processor over here for $325, and the last one here is going to be a Core 2 duo processor for $279. Again, all three of these ones are 21 /12 inch screens, come with a mouse, keyboard, and a 90-day warranty on them.

If you wanna see them in person, you can stop by our Cliff Road location in Eagan. That’s 2075 Cliff Road, or feel free to five us a call if you have any questions. That number is 651 605 2570.

Thanks for your time, everybody, and have a great Friday.

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