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Corporate Fleet Management For Mobile Device Repair In The Minneapolis and St Paul Metro Area

Helpertech provides mobile device fleet management and repair services for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets, phones, and virtually any smartphone, tablet, and mobile device you may have in your fleet.  We provide service agreements and corporate discounts for fleet service companies such as plumbers, HVAC, and other mobile service industries.  Contact us today to see how we can help you out!


  • Technology Managers or IT Directors for Service Industries

  • Helpertech provides corporate discounts for managing your fleet of mobile devices

  • Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, or similar

  • We can repair these devices for you to keep them running for you

  • Helpertech can buy back your old or broken devices

  • For employees, get 20% off your service if you share this information with your work

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Hey, everybody. This is Jamey from Helpertech. Say, today I want to speak to all of you out there who are either technology managers or IT directors that are companies that in service industries such as electricians, HVAC, plumbers, delivery service people, construction workers, anything in those related fields.

What we want to offer is corporate discounts for any of you who manage a fleet of devices again for any of these related service industries. So if you’ve got a bunch of either iPhones, Galaxy phones, iPads, other tablets that are used by your employees to facilitate their job, again, specifically dispatch people out in the field, so on and so forth, we want to help you keep those devices up and running as long as possible for the lowest cost possible.

So if you find yourself with a pile of broken iPhones or tablets that you’re in charge of and you don’t know where to get them repair or if you’re going to get rid of them or quite frankly, what to do with them at all, give us a shout over here at Helpertech. Again, we can potentially repair these devices for you, keep them up and running as long as possible so you get maximum value for your original purchase.

Or if they’re devices that you don’t want to repair, we can potentially buy them from you and give you something for them so they’re not just sitting in the drawer at your office.

Now, also, if you’re seeing this video and you’re not necessarily the director or in charge of managing these fleet of devices. Let’s say that you are in the HVAC industry and you have a company issued phone and you know it’s broken, feel free to pass this video along to the person in charge of those repairs and mention that you saw it.

If your company signs up for a corporate account with us, you’re going to get up to 20% off all of our standard pricing for the repairs and that’s obviously gonna depend on how many devices we’re fixing for you.

But again, if you work for a company that has this type of setup or more specifically, if you’re in charge of managing these devices, please give me a call here.

The number to the store is 651-605-2570.

We’re here in Eagan.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to give me a call. You can also shoot me an email. My email is

More than willing to answer any questions you might have or give you a price quotation on what you’re looking at for your specific device.

Again, we do all types of repairs to iPhones, iPads, Galaxy phones, Galaxy tablets. Everything from screens to batteries to charge port repairs. You name it, we can fix it for you and keep that device running as long as possible.

So again, if you’ve got any questions, feel free to reach out to me. 651-605-2510. Thank you everybody. Have a great day.

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