Helpertech Offers Tempered Glass with Blue Light Filters

Many people use tempered glass to protect their phone screens from scratches or other screen damages. But not all tempered glass has a blue light filter that helps in reducing the blue light that is emitted from phone screens. These blue light can cause eye strain and can mess up with your brain’s rest cycle. So availing tempered glass with blue light filter from Helpertech can not only protect your phone but also your eyes. It’s readily available at Helpertech, just visit to get one.


  • Blue light filters reduce the blue lights coming from your phones that cause eye strains.

  • Tempered glass with blue light filters offers the same kind of protection but with a plus.

  • Tempered glass with blue light filters is available at Helpertech.

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Hi, everybody. It’s Cassie from Helpertech, and I’m going to talk to you about our new tempered glass screen protectors. They’re blue light filters.

So, they work just the same as any other tempered glass screen protectors. Same amount of hardness, same protection, cover the whole screen, just like a normal screen protector would. But these actually filter out harmful rays that come from your screen, your phone, your computer, that kind of thing. That’s what a blue light filter is for.

Now, when you’re on your phone at night, if you don’t have a day or a night mode set up, it’s going to still be shinning blue light at your eyes when it gets dark. Well, that can cause eye strain, it can make you not feel tired when you should, it can kind of wake your brain up and make you think that it’s time to be awake, not time to go to bed. So, these blue light filters are really nice in that they allow you to … Your brain to kind of go into its normal cycles. It’s nighttime, help you sleep at night a little bit better, reduce eye strain, like I said.

Now, we are selling these. They are $20. It does also come with a deal that we’re offering, where if you come in, you can buy a blue light filter and with it will come this deal where you get unlimited screen protectors, blue light filter screen protectors, and one free screen repair in the next year. And we’re only selling this for $65. So, it’s a really good deal, especially if you a