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2,257 Reviews 4.9 Rating

2,257 Reviews 4.9 Rating

Refurbished iPhones Starting at $195!

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iPhone Battery Replacement

 iPhone Battery Replacement Phones do wear out after a certain period of time. That is true across all electronic devices. It's inevitable. When it does happen that the battery is completely worn out, ideally replacing the battery would be the best option especially if the phone itself is still functioning well in some ways. They usually last about 2 years or so before you really start seeing the decline. Replace An iPhone Battery Cost So in this video we are talking about a simple easy way to remove iPhone battery and replace it when it is bad. We go into showing you a scenario where we remove the battery of a typical iPhone for replacement. The battery is completely gone bad with an indication of being swollen It usually takes us around 15 minutes up to an hour long to usually have batteries replaced. We can do the repairs in an hour for $49, or in 15 minutes for $59 YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to replace an iPhone Battery Our cost for repairing any [...]

February 21st, 2020|TechTalk|

iPad Air 2 Screen Repair

 iPad Air 2 Screen Repair It's about iPad Air 2 screen repair in this video. Every electronic device will at some point develop some sort of problems such as screen problems, in this case an iPad Air 2. This type of screen problems could be as a result of many factors such as defects, exposure to water, being hit by a hard object, dropping to the ground and many more. This could result in a crack on the screen and the iPad Air 2 screen becoming less responsive to touch and could eventually stop responding to touch after a while. Repair Cracked Screen On iPad Air 2 We demonstrate in this video how we are able to repair the iPad Air 2 screen in the event it is damaged. Our repair of the iPad Air 2 screen can be done in about a day and the cost goes for $169. Apart from the screen repair, we can also place the battery if that's what you want to do. We do that for $109. Once again it [...]

February 18th, 2020|TechTalk|

iPhone 7 Charge Port Repair

 iPhone 7 Charge Port Repair In this video we examine how you can get your iPhone 7 charge port repair or replaced. We show in this video a case study where the charge port for an iPhone 7 was taken out of the phone already. If you have issues charging or any other problem like connecting to the computer, mic issues in receiving phone calls or voice typing. This also affects the cell antenna part of the phone with issues like having a lot of drop calls, low signals, or just low bar. iPhone 7 Charging Port Repair Cost We can get your iPhone 7 charge port repaired and fixed in about 45 minutes to right around an hour. We usually do this for $79. You can stop by at any of our stores, either at our Eagan store or Burnsville store. You need not book appointment. It is absolutely not necessary. Just walk in at anytime Mondays through Friday. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to repair iPhone 7 charge port Our cost for repairing [...]

February 12th, 2020|TechTalk|

LG G6 Rear Lens Repair

 LG G6 Rear Lens Repair Okay. We take a dive into camera lens repair in this video and we are focusing on a particular mobile device which is LG G6 Rear Lens Repair. We typically just replaced the LG G6 Rear Lens shown in this video. This is something we can do at any of our stores either at Burnsville or Eagan. So typically on average, stuff like this usually takes about an hour to do and we only charge $40 for an LG G6 Rear Lens Repair or replacement like this. Since it is set on the outside, we can just peel it off and waiting for it to set. LG G6 Back Camera Lens Replacement We would also like to let you know that in some cases, some of them we would have to order which can take a couple of days sometimes. In that case you can hold on to the phone until the product comes in. You don't have to book any appointment. Just walk in whenever you are ready. So, if [...]

February 10th, 2020|TechTalk|

LCD Cracking – Phone LCD Screen Repair

 LCD Cracking In this video we examine the issue of LCD cracking on your phone. We layout to you how you can know when your phone screen breaks, even though the glass doesn't break. We are experts at screen repairs and can fix any kind of phone, Android or iPhones. Phone LCD Screen Repair A broken LCD cracking on a phone shows a reflection line and the top screen, and this sometimes could cause the phone to go blank and the digitizing might also not work as a result. This LCD cracking is completely fixable. We can fix this for $129 because it is a common issue across all phones. To fix the LCD cracking on your phone, you can visit any of our stores at your convenience. We are open Mondays to Fridays, and not appointment is needed. Just check in whenever you're ready. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to repair phone LCD screen Our cost for repairing any phone LCD screen We at Helpertech, Burnsville can  help you out with your phone LCD  [...]

February 6th, 2020|TechTalk|

iPad Pro 11 Water Damage

 iPad Pro 11 Water Damage Okay in this video we will be looking at something a little bit different and essential. It's about iPad 11 water damage. We took a look at an iPad 11 which has been damaged by water. A scenario of water damage could be you placed the iPad somewhere, and by accident water drops into it, or a case of being drenched under a rainfall and the water penetrates deep down the iPad, or a case of a water splash or something. And then it gets wet. iPad 11 Screen Repair These devices such as the iPhone, or the iPad, they are not water proof. They are only water resistant. So this can happen to any electronic device. You can see the corossion around the connector where the water touched. We do charge a $40 day fee. Water damage of an iPad 11 is something we can potentially fix. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to repair the screen of iPad 11 Our cost for repairing an iPad 11 screen We at [...]

February 5th, 2020|TechTalk|

iPhone 8 Screen Freeze Fix

 iPhone 8 Screen Repair In this video, we talk about iPhone 8 screen repair. It is important to understand that with every device and gadget comes a time where and when the device begins to develop problems with its components such as the screen and others. It is no different with the iPhone. So if you have an iPhone 8 with screen problems, you are not alone. We offer iPhone 8 screen repair services. In doing the repair, we've got 2 options. We can do the iPhone 8 screen repair in under an hour for $119, or if you're soft of in a rush, we can do the screen repair in 15 minutes for $149. iPhone 8 Screen Freeze Fix Bear in mind that both options also come with $20 worth of store credits towards any of our accessories and poducts we have for sale. You can stop by at any of our stores anytime. No appointment needed. Just walk in whenever you are ready. We look forward to having your iPhone 8 screen repair done [...]

February 5th, 2020|TechTalk|

iPhone 6s Screen Repair

 iPhone 6s Screen Repair This video talks about the repair of iPhone 6s. We are able to demonstrate with a typical example of an iPhone with a bad screen and point out what you should know and how we can also help you repair your damaged iPhone 6s at very affordable cost. Fix iPhone 6s Screen At any our stores we can repair your iPhone 6s screen under an hour for $89 and under a 15min mark for $119. If you are considering your iPhone 6s screen repair, contact us today. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to repair the screen of iPhone  6s Our cost for repairing an iPhone 6s screen We at Helpertech, Burnsville can help you out with your iPhone 6s screen problems.  Hey, everybody, it's Cassie from HelperTech Burnsville. And I just want to talk to you about iPhone 6S screen repair today. One easy way to tell if you have a 6S is you're still going to have the home button, you are still going to have a headphone jack, [...]

January 16th, 2020|TechTalk|

iPhone XR Screen Repair

 iPhone XR Screen Repair This video walks you through the overview of repairing iPhone XR screen easily that you can carry  out yourself or have us do for you by visiting any of our stores. These are very easy repairs to do. Matter of fact, we can do a repair for $189 an hour or we can have it done in 15mins for $209. iPhone XR Screen Fix Near Me For example in this video we showcase an iPhone XR damaged screen where the charge symbol is totally covered and cannot be seen as a result of the damage to the screen of the iPhone. Also seen is black lines on the screen. If you have an iPhone XR, iPhone XS or an older iPhone we can fix them all. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to repair the screen of iPhone  XR Our cost for repairing an iPhone XR screen We at Helpertech, Burnsville can help you out with your iPhone XR screen problems.  Hey everybody, this is Cassie from Helper Tech and I [...]

January 15th, 2020|TechTalk|

How To Replace An iPad 4 Battery

 iPad 4 Battery Replacement How to replace an iPad 4 battery - In this video we talk about the process we take in replacing an iPad 4 battery. A lot of times, the iPad 4 is considered to be a little bit older and you will agree with me there comes a time the battery begins to malfunction and that calls for a battery replacement. What is the cost of iPad 4 battery replacement In replacing the battery of iPad 4, we undergo the process of taking the glass and the LCD off first and follow there next step. We focus on these kinds of repairs and it usually takes about a day to do. So, what is iPad 4 battery replacement cost? We operate and replace the battery for $89. Moreso, the screen of the iPad 2, 3, 4, can also be replaced for $109. YOU'LL LEARN How we are able to replace the battery of iPad 4 Our iPad 4 battery replacement cost We at Helpertech, Burnsville can help you out with your iPad [...]

January 9th, 2020|TechTalk|
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