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iPad Screen Repair

6th Generation iPad Screen Repair Helpertech can repair your broken iPad screen fast.  Jamey Dolan shows us the inside of a 6th generation iPad as he is taking it apart for an iPad screen repair in our Eagan, MN Helpertech location.  If you need your iPad repaired for broken screen or LCD, we can help!  Contact us today. YOU'LL LEARN iPad 6th generation screen repair Remove the broken glass and prepare the screen for replacement iPad has a large battery inside The headphone jack, front facing camera, and rear facing camera can also be replaced Remove the old glass and adhesive Reconnect the digitizer cables Reconnect the home button cable Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  ey there everybody. It's Jamey from Helper Tech. What I'm working on this morning here is I had a customer come in from Apple Valley and dropped off their iPad 6 generation for a screen repair. As you can see, I've already removed the broken screen and here's what it had looked like previously. I [...]

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Used Apple iMac Computers Sale October 2018

Helpertech Has Used iMac Computers For Sale Helpertech has many used Apple iMac computers for sale. Here we are featuring several models, all with 21.5 inch screens. These are used iMacs with included mouse and keyboard. All come with the standard Helpertech 90 day warranty, and are backed by a local store you know and trust. YOU'LL LEARN Used iMacs for sale Comes with 90 Day Warranty Priced from $119 to $349 21.5 Inch Screens Includes Mouse Includes Keyboard Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey everybody, it's Jamey from Helpertech here. So, I'm going to jump right back into it. What I'm showing you here is four different iMac options that we have for sale at our Eagan location, so I'm just going to go through them all real quick, highlight the specs and the price points for you. So the first one we're looking at here is a late 2009 model. It's got a Core 2 duo processor in it, 4 gigabytes of RAM, a 500-gig hard drive, currently [...]

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Where Can You Buy Used Laptop in Burnsville

Find Affordable Refurbished Laptops at the Burnsville Area from HelperTech Do you need a laptop? You are having problems because they are so expensive? Well, you just need to find one that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Get affordable refurbished laptops at Helpertech. They are fully functional laptops that get the job done without damaging your wallet. YOU'LL LEARN Where to get an affordable used laptop for sale at Helpertech Specs for available used laptop Dell Latitude E7440 Specs for available used laptop Lenovo Ideapad Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Here is the transcription from Episode 7 Where Can You Buy Used Laptop in Burnsville; Cassie: Hi, everybody. It's Cassie from HelperTech, and I just want to talk to you about some of the used laptops we have for sale. Right now, I've got this Dell Latitude E7440. It's got eight gigs of RAM, and it's an I5 processor in there. It also has 128 gig solid state drive, so it's going to be a great internet machine. [...]

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Twin Cities Mobile Device Fleet Management and Repair Agreements

Corporate Fleet Management For Mobile Device Repair In The Minneapolis and St Paul Metro Area Helpertech provides mobile device fleet management and repair services for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets, phones, and virtually any smartphone, tablet, and mobile device you may have in your fleet.  We provide service agreements and corporate discounts for fleet service companies such as plumbers, HVAC, and other mobile service industries.  Contact us today to see how we can help you out! YOU'LL LEARN Technology Managers or IT Directors for Service Industries Helpertech provides corporate discounts for managing your fleet of mobile devices Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Tablets, or similar We can repair these devices for you to keep them running for you Helpertech can buy back your old or broken devices For employees, get 20% off your service if you share this information with your work Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Hey, everybody. This is Jamey from Helpertech. Say, today I want to speak to all of you out there who are either [...]

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Helpertech Provides iPhone Repair Without An Appointment – Just Walk In

Get Fast 15 Minute iPhone Repair Without An Appointment From Helpertech Our goal at Helpertech is to make your phone repair experience as convenient as possible.  Helpertech offers no appointment iPhone repair at our Eagan and Burnsville locations.  It's not necessary to call in ahead of time, or to register online first.  Simply walk in on whatever day or time works best for you, and we'll have your iPhone fixed in as little as 15 minutes! YOU'LL LEARN At Helpertech you do not need an appointment for your phone repair At some major retail stores you are forced to make an appointment ahead of time for repairs Our goal is to make it as easy for the customer as possible No appointment iPhone screen repair, battery repair, or charging port No need to call ahead of time or register online first - just stop on in at your convenience Choose from 15 minute or 1 hour iPhone service options Click The Play Button To Listen To This Episode Now  Here is the transcription from Episode [...]

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Fast iPhone Screen Repair Services For Fast Phone Repair In Just 15 Minutes

Helpertech Can Fix Your iPhone Screen In Just 15 Minutes If you need fast phone repair, Helpertech in Minnesota provides fast 15 minute iPhone screen repair services.  Fast iPhone repair allows you to stop in at any time, with no appointment, and get your phone fixed in no time.  While most phone repair companies can offer next day, same day, or even one-hour phone repair, Helpertech is the only Twin Cities cell phone repair company to promise 15 minute iPhone screen repair. YOU'LL LEARN Helpertech can fix your iPhone screen in just 15 minutes Most other iPhone screen repair stores will provide a window of one hour or same-day repair times Helpertech has been a service leader since 2012 offering fast 15 minute iPhone repair service Your iPhone screen can be fixed in 15 minutes with no appointment needed, walk right in Many customers can drive from another city, get their phone fixed, and return home faster than going with another repair shop that does not offer 15 minute iPhone repairs You get $20 in free store credit [...]

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Can Your iPhone Charging Port Be Repaired If Your iPhone Won’t Charge Anymore

iPhone Charging Port Replacement and Repair Can Get Your iPhone Working Like New Again At some point, many people face the issue of their iPhone not charging, and they ask us "can my iPhone charging port be repaired?".  The answer is, of course, yes!  If you've ever had to hold your charge cable at the perfect angle, or wiggle it around a bit so it can charge - then you're seeing the symptoms.  Replacing the charge port on your iPhone will allow your phone to charge properly again, and on newer models it can also impact the audio functions of your iPhone, too! YOU'LL LEARN Can the charging port be replaced on your iPhone Charge port replacement and repair is one of the most popular iPhone repair services You can tell you need a new iPhone charging port if your phone won't charge If you have to find the "sweet spot" and hold your charging cable at an angle, you likely need charge port replacement You can get your iPhone charge port repaired in about 40 minutes at [...]

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Can You Replace An iPhone Battery and Will A New Battery Make Your iPhone Faster

Get Your iPhone Battery Replaced In No Time and Speed Your iPhone Up At The Same Time Back when the iPhone was first introduced, it was a common discussion that one of the negatives was a "sealed battery", which could not be replaced by the end user.  We get asked all the time if replacing an iPhone battery is possible, or not?  The answer is - yes, you can replace your iPhone battery!  The process is pretty quick, and you get many performance benefits from doing so.  In this episode we talk about how much does it cost to replace your iPhone battery, how long does it take to replace your iPhone battery, and whether or not a new iPhone battery will speed your phone up! YOU'LL LEARN Yes, iPhone battery replacement is possible If your Apple iPhone is 2-3 years old, or older, your battery won't last as long as it used to When you replace the battery on your iPhone, you'll notice your phones performance increase An old battery will make your iPhone run slower and [...]

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Can You Repair An iPhone Screen When It Has Broken Or Shattered Glass

You Can Fix Your iPhone Screen For Any Shattered Or Broken Glass You May Be Dealing With iPhone screen repair is the most popular repair service we provide at Helpertech.  Whether you have cracked glass, or a shattered and broken screen, it's a common fix and something Helpertech can do very fast!  All iPhone screen repairs come with a lifetime warranty on the repair, and you also get $20 in free store credit to buy things like screen protectors and iPhone cases.  With no appointment needed and fast 15 minute iPhone repair, Helpertech in Eagan, MN and Burnsville, MN can get your iPhone screen repair done fast! YOU'LL LEARN iPhone screen repair is the most common repair we see on iPhones You can get your iPhone screen fixed in just 15 minutes at Helpertech If your phone has cracks, you can get your screen replaced If your iPhone screen is shattered, you can get your iPhone screen replaced At Helpertech you get $20 store credit, to buy accessories or other products with each iPhone screen repair You get [...]

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