There are many schools here in Prescott, Minnesota, but most of them are elementary schools, so we will only be describing schools above elementary grades.

Here is a description of Prescott High School as well as their address:

At Prescott High School our vision is to create successful future leaders, and, within our community of learning, we inspire students to act with Responsibility and Respect, to embrace Rigor, to develop positive Relationships, and to find Relevance in their studies. These “R’s” form the basis of our educational values, and help us to instill self-confidence and creativity within our students.

You are invited to visit Prescott High School to experience how our teachers support student’s interests and passions as we focus on providing a triple-threat education in academics, the arts, and athletics.

At Prescott High School students are provided ever-expanding opportunities to grow. Recently named one of the top schools in Wisconsin by US News and World Reports, Prescott High School also takes pride in being named to the Advanced Placement Honor Roll.  With over 1000 post-secondary credits earned by our students last year, PHS continues to demonstrate how our expansive offerings of transcripted, collegiate, and advanced placement credits continue to benefit our students well beyond our classrooms.

While we aim to create a sense of unity at PHS, we know that each Cardinal is special and unique. Our academic, athletic and co-curricular programming is designed with that diversity in mind; we want each student to make a deep connection with some part of the high school experience. Students should have outlets for their passions and meaningful opportunities to explore their curiosities.

Our faculty and staff are a committed and caring group of professionals who work to make relationships with young people as our top commitment. From there, teachers embrace innovation and change in the classroom, and build strong partnerships with students focused on learning and achievement.

1010 Dexter St, Prescott, WI 54021, USA

Here is the mission and vision of Prescott Middle School, as well as their address:


Prescott Middle School exists to provide a well-rounded, rigorous education in a safe learning environment with social and emotional support to empower every student to be a productive member of their community.


Learning today for a better tomorrow.


125 N. Elm St., Prescott, WI 54021

And here is a quick history of Prescott Community Education:

While Community Education can trace its origins back to the turn of the century, when evening classes were offered to Milwaukee immigrants, the program didn’t formalize in Prescott until the end of 1993.

The program was organized by a group of active and devoted residents who actively sought out potential instructors for a wide variety of classes.

The first catalog of classes was published and the first classes began in January of 1994.

Community Education is designed to provide classes and opportunities in a wide variety of subjects and interests to local residents.

Ideas and suggestions are always welcome there. This is your program, and you should help make it what you’d like it to be.

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