Sports Teams of River Falls

If you are an eager follower of all things sports-related, I am positively sure that you shall love it here in the city of River Falls, Wisconsin! With fields and courts of basketball, baseball, soccer, softball, volleyball, football, and tennis, I am positively sure that you will love it here in this city. Now, without further ado, let’s start talking!

First off, I’ll tackle the question of hockey, and, as of now, unfortunately, no hockey fields in this city, but not to fret, there is still the hockey team of Minnesota Wild just a quick drive to the neighboring state of the same name, which occasionally does some games here in the closer city of Eagan, perhaps you’ll catch a game.

Baseball huh? I’ll be informing you that the town of River Falls is near to all of that crazy action! Due to the city’s relatively close proximity to the team the St. Paul Saints, you can bet on it that you can see some of those first pitches and strikes when you join! Not to mention the various baseball diamonds that you can visit in order to have a game!

A football enthusiast? And not the kicking type of football? Well, you still aren’t out of luck! Here in River Falls, the professional team, the Minnesota Vikings, are headquartered in the neighboring city of Minneapolis. Not to mention that they are currently constructing a sports training center in neighboring Eagan, it being planned on being finished at around 2018. Featuring six practice fields and a stadium, the group has planned on doing games here, and with the partnership of the team with the Minnesota State High School League, competitions being hosted at that venue will no doubt, become a reality pretty soon. Go Vikings am I right?

A football enthusiast? And not the tackle type of football? Don’t break a sweat, there’s a place for you here in River Falls! There are many soccer fields here in the city.

Perhaps you are an avid fan of basketball? Not to worry! Here in River Falls, there are many parks and recreational areas to help you out with such things. There are half and whole courts if you want to do games.

And if you prefer watching and cheering on your favorites, don’t worry, the Minnesota Timberwolves are located just next door to River Falls, just across the state line! And they occasionally host games here in the neighboring Minneapolis metropolis!

Maybe you prefer using your palms to toss? Not bounce? Volleyball you want, volleyball you can get here in the town of River Falls, Wisconsin. Again, the many recreational areas and various parks inside River Falls town proper is here to assist you in all your volleyball needs.

Oh? Other things you can do here in River Falls other than the major sports? That is of no problem! Softball you say? Well, the city of River Falls has multiple fields for softball games.