Major Highway Systems of River Falls

There are multiple roads passing through River Falls, Wisconsin. Knowledge of these roads will allow for an easy trip to the city. There are many kinds of roads passing through the city, some State Routes, while others are unindexed in the US Highway system. Here is a quick breakdown of all these roads, we shall start off with the most integral routes to the city, and ending with the lesser roads inside the city of River Falls, Wisconsin.

First off, there is the aptly named Main Street, it is also named North and South Main Street according to its position on the city map. The road starts in the south, being in a concurrency with State Route 35, before splitting from it at the intersection with 830th Avenue. It intersects with East Cascade Avenue (a road we shall describe later on in this article), Division Street, and Powell Avenue, it then exits the city after merging with State Route 65 and State Route 35 in an interchange north of the city.

State Route 35 and State Route 65 are both equally important routes to the city of River Falls, Wisconsin. First off, there’ State Route 35, which starts in the south in a concurrency with Main Street. The route then goes to the right as 830th Avenue, the other route, SR65, enters the city merging with SR35 in a concurrency. The merged routes then go northward, intersecting with State Route 29, as well as East Division Street in doing so. The route temporarily exits the city before reentering, intersecting with Main Street, the merged route splits into SR35 and SR65 at this intersection. These routes are good for accessing other routes that allow you to access the inside zones of the city.

Then there’s East Cascade Avenue, coming from the eastern border of the city, from State Route 29’s intersecting with the merged route of State Route 35 and State Route 65, it goes in a constant westward direction. It passes through the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, before ending at the intersection with Main Street. East Cascade Avenue is perfect for accessing the city in an east-west manner and vice versa. It is also good for any traveler coming from the east. The western part of this road ends at the intersection between Winter Street and State Street.

Division Street is another road that can be used for east-west travelling and vice versa. In this document, we shall study it in a west to east manner. Coming from the west, the road intersects with various minor roads, no intersections with major roads occur until just right after crossing the Kinnickinnic River, with its intersection with Main Street. The road then continues east, passing in front of Hoffman Park, after that, it intersects with State Route 35/65, before going past River Falls Golf Club. After this, the road exits around Sparky’s Repair near the intersection with Liberty Road.

Winter Street is road you can take in order to access areas of River Falls west of the Kinnickinnic River, coming from the intersection between State Street and Cascade Avenue, it crosses over Lake George before going at a northward way, intersecting with Division Street. The road then ends at the intersection with Powell Avenue.

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