What are the common phone repair issues in Burnsville?

Common phone repair issues in Burnsville include cracked screens, water damage, battery problems, charging port issues, and software glitches. These issues can be resolved quickly and affordably by professional phone repair services in Burnsville.

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2,257 Reviews


2,257 Reviews


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Smartphone Back Glass Repair

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At Helpertech you’ll find friendly technicians who can solve Phone Repair Service Burnsville. From iPhone repair and iPad repair to computers, laptops, and game consoles. Whether you’re looking for computer service, phone repair service, or other electronics repair – our expert techs are here to help!

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Get Helpertech to fix your phone, battery, or any other phone repairs you may need at our phone repair store in Burnsville. Our skilled technicians handle everything from cracked screens to battery issues, software glitches, and more. With quality components, professional tools, and a commitment to excellence, we ensure your phone is fixed to its original condition. Our friendly staff will repair your phone fast, while you enjoy a fantastic experience with free coffee and refreshments, play old school Nintendo, or watch some Netflix in our customer lounge. Come see why people that need Burnsville phone repairs trust their Phone Repair Service to Helpertech technicians with their great customer service!

Popular Repair Types

  1. Cracked Screen Replacement
  2. Battery Replacement
  3. Data Recovery and Transfer
  4. Motherboard
  5. Camera Repair
  6. Water Damage
  7. Charger Issues
  8. Headphone Jack
  9. Power Button
  10. Digitizer and More!
  11. LCD Screen
  12. Buttons
  13. Speakers and Audio
  14. Data Port
  15. Volume Buttons

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Get in store credit with all Broken Screen Repair. Choose from great accessories such as phone cases from Speck, Spigen, Under Armour, UAG, and more. Plus Bluetooth speakers, screen protectors, charging cables, and ot

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Choose Helpertech For Broken Glass, Cracked LCD, and Fixing Your Smartphone Screen For Any Reason

We’ve been fixing technology since 1995, providing in-store and onsite service as a locally owned business.

We’ve been fortunate to serve the local area for years, with our stores and service offerings evolving with the fast pace of modern technology. We offer fast iPhone repair, iPad repair, and mobile phone repair on most major brands – including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Dell, Motorola, LG, HP, and more!

Is your cell phone touchscreen unresponsive after it was dropped? Stop in to our store, and our technicians will help with your device on the spot. After a quick diagnostic overview, we can evaluate your phone or tablet to see if it makes sense to get our phone repaired, or maybe look into new phone or tablet replacements (we have refurbished options) for any make and model, including Google, Samsung, and BlackBerry.

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For issues like cracked screen repair, broken glass replacement, battery replacement, virus removal, memory upgrades, data recovery, replacing your home button, water damage repair…and pretty much anything else that can go wrong with your technology!

Our focus on customer service and repairing with a fast turnaround has afforded us a great reputation with amazing 5 star reviews from our customers in the Burnsville area. Get your phone fixed or replaced with top notch technicians and top quality parts.

We’re happy to be a part of the local Burnsville community, and provide our services to you.

Cracked Screen Repair Experts

Helpertech can help you with Phone Repair Service. Take the next step and get your broken phone repaired! We’re your best local cell phone repair shop, for broken screen, shattered glass, or even a new screen protector – to help make sure your phone screen does not get damaged again.

Phone Screen Repair

Are you trying to trade in your old cell phone, but you need to repair the screen first? We can help! We provide FAST turnaround with no appointment needed. So, just swing on by, get your screen fixed, and go grab your new phone all on your lunch break!

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Contact us now to speak with an expert over the phone, via email, or swing on into our store and we can talk face to face. We strive to provide the best cell phone repair Burnsville has to offer with our limited lifetime warranty at Burnsville’s best phone repair places, along with excellent customer service to our customers. If you read our reviews you can see that our Looking for reliable and affordable phone repair Burnsville services? Look no further than Helpertech of Burnsville! Our friendly staff and skilled technicians are ready to assist you with any mobile device frustrations you may be experiencing. Whether your phone is broken, failing, or you just have questions, our techs are the right people for the job. You can easily contact us using the short form below or by calling us directly at 952-260-0090. And if you have a receipt or ticket id from your email confirmation, you can stop on in without an appointment. We can fix it! Just make sure to exclude any leading zeros in your ticket id when filling out the form. So don’t hesitate, get in touch with us for your phone repair Burnsville needs today!

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