MN Hands Free Law 2019

Changes Effective 08/01/2019 – Are You Prepared?

How can you use your phone safely and legally after the new law goes into effect?

We can help! Find our tips below, and if you need help getting your smartphone and your vehicle synced up for hands free, just stop on by.


Minnesota’s Hands-Free Cell Phone Driving Law Starts August 1st, 2019

What does this mean? This law means that holding your phone while operating a motor vehicle is punishable by a $50 ticket on the first offense, and $275 for every offense after that!

Although those fines are steep, there is nothing to fear! You can still access your phone and use it’s features – you just need to do it without using your hands (unless it’s an emergency situation).  MPR has a good article on the law, which you can find here.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this safely and legally!

Tips To Follow Minnesota’s Hands Free Cell Phone Driving Law

MN Hands Free Aug 2019So, to set things straight – you can still talk on your phone.  In general, talking on your phone is fine, as long as you are not using your hands or holding your phone.  We’ve got some solutions for you below, so you can use your phone and still operate hands free, no matter what vehicle you have or how old it may be.

Bluetooth Sync

If you have a newer vehicle, odds are that it already has Bluetooth technology that easily connects with your phone. Check your owner’s manual for how to connect your phone, or contact us and we can do it for you!

Auxiliary Cable

For older vehicles, without Bluetooth, you can use an auxiliary cable.  The cable will run from your phone’s earphone jack to your car’s aux jack, allowing you to operate your phone by voice or single touch, as well as play music through your car speakers.

Hands Free Holder

Although one-touch activation is allowed on your phone, you can’t scroll or hold your phone in your hand while you’re driving.  A simple solution is a dashboard mount that holds the phone at eye level. There are many options available to fit any vehicle.

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