In this article we shall be talking about the various roads that are crossing, or just passing by, the city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota. We believe that it will be important that you learn about these different roads, as this sort of knowledge might be needed in the future, when you are planning a trip to the city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota, or you might be reading this right now whilst driving to the city, whatever the case (although please put down the phone while driving, of course), I will try be as detailed as possible in my description of these various roads in the city of South Saint Paul, Minnesota. Now, in terms of listing order, we will start off with the Interstate freeways, which are the largest roads in the area, then we will move onto the description of US Route highways, which are second largest, after that, we will describe the State Route highways, which are the smallest in the roads inside highway categories. After describing these three roads inside of highway classifications, we shall move onto roads that aren’t, such as streets, boulevards, and avenues. Now, with all that information out of the way, let me describe to you each of the roads that I have specified earlier in this paragraph.

First off, there is Interstate 494, which passes through the city in an east-to-west manner, it enters the city on the east, on a bridge on the Mississippi River. It then shifts to a southwestward path in its direction, and while crossing the city, it intersects with the road of Concord Street South, then with 5th Avenue South and 7th Avenue South. After intersecting with these roads, the Interstate freeway then exits the city, making an interchange outside the city borders with US Route 52, which we shall talk about next.

US Route 52 barely enters the city of South Saint Paul, but is an important road to it nonetheless. The route runs across the edge of the city after entering it in the western corner, right before its intersection with Mendota Road East. The US Route offers good access to the western areas of the city, with its intersections with Wentworth Avenue, Thompson Avenue, and Butler Avenue. After its intersection with that last road, the route leaves the vicinity of the city’s borders.

Next on the list is State Route 156, or as referenced earlier, Concord Street South. The route comes from the south, and connects with roads leading to Fleming Field, South Saint Paul Airport, and thus will be quite important for your travels. The route, right after entering the city, intersects with Poplar Street East. Then it continues northward, intersecting and forming and interchange with Interstate 494. The route itself, however, has a few roads intersecting with it that allow access to the majority of the city, the roads that do, however, will be listed. Here they are: 6th Street East, Camber Avenue, Grand Avenue West, Wentworth Avenue, Central Avenue, Bryant Avenue, and Butler Avenue.

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