There is a multitude of roads that go through, around, and past, the city of Shakopee. Ranging from local County Roads, to US Routes. Knowledge of these roads is essential when you plan on travelling to Shakopee and in this article, we shall be describing each of the roads near the area of Shakopee in detail. Now, without any further hesitation, let me describe to you each of the many roads that are in Shakopee, Minnesota.

First off, when looking at Shakopee in Google Maps, one can see the yellow road that runs in the middle of the city, this is US Route 169, which is perhaps the most important road in the area. The highway enters Shakopee after intersecting with Old Brick Yard Road in the west, after that it goes near Lions and Tahpah Park, as well as intersecting with Adams Street S, Townline Avenue, Marschall Road, Eagle Creek Boulevard, Canterbury Road S, County Road 21 (in which the CR ends), and Highway 101 (or County Road 101). After these roads the US Route exits the administrative boundary of Shakopee, Minnesota.

The next road that we will be discussing about is another east-west (and vice-versa) road, County Road/Highway 101, also known as 1st Avenue. We shall describe it in a west to east manner, as that way, it comes from nearby State Route 13. Right before going through Shakopee, it forms an interchange with US Route 169, as well as extending from State Route 13. Right after that, it goes straight to the west, intersecting with the roads Canterbury Road, Marschall Road, Spencer Street, and 6th Avenue, before exiting the city, it also intersects one more time with US Route 169 in the form of Old Brick Yard Road.

Then there’s 17th Avenue-Eagle Creek Boulevard, the southernmost east-west (and vice-versa) road in Shakopee. Starting from Marystown Road (which also is Adams Street) in the west, it goes eastward, intersecting with multiple roads like Fuller Street, Townline Avenue, Marschall Road, and Canterbury Road, past this road, it is called Eagle Creek Boulevard (the southern part of it, past US Route 169), this extension intersects with Herrgott Memorial Drive (County Road 21), and ends at the intersection with County Road 16, which connects with 134th Street which exits the city, this road also connects with County Road 21.

We will now begin discussing north-south (and vice-versa) roads, starting with Canterbury Road, also known as Mystic Lake Drive in the southern parts of Shakopee. Coming from Highway 101/CR 101, it allows access to much of the northern parts of the city via its intersection with previously aforementioned road and 4th Avenue. It also intersects with US Route 169, Eagle Creek Boulevard, and Valley View Road on its way to the south, after that last intersection, it exits the city altogether.

Then there’s Marschall Road, coming from Highway 101 just like Canterbury Road, it goes south, intersecting with 4th Avenue, Eagle Creek Boulevard (the northern part), Vierling Drive, US Route 169, 17th Avenue, East County Road 78, 140th Street NW, and West 150th Street, before exiting Shakopee into Prior Lake.

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