In order to access the suburb of Savage, Minnesota, one must take note of the various roads that go through, past, or around it. These roads are essential if you wish to enter the suburb and enjoy the various services that are being offered there.

Although the city has no major highway going through it like an Interstate or a U.S. Route, it has various minor highways and roads crisscrossing it, and in this article, we shall be describing those highways and roads in much detail as possible. Now, without further ado, let us begin.

First off, one should take a quick look at a map of Savage, Minnesota, in Google Maps, this way, you will be able to see what I am talking about.

State Route 13 quickly comes to mind after a quick peek at the map, as the road is highlighted in yellow. Coming from the southwest near Lower Prior Lake, it intersects with 150th St. W, which passes through important areas like Bethesda Church and Prior Lake Highschool, as well as Dan Patch Stadium which is nearby. 150th St. W also connects to Dakota Avenue, which we shall discuss about later in this article. Now, back to State Route 13, it continues on its northward path, intersecting with Egan Drive and Connelly Parkway. Further north, it intersects with McColl Drive, then it goes into Highway 13 West, which connects it to Route 169 as well as Interstate 35 W. This road is undoubtedly the most important for the suburb of Savage, Minnesota, as it allows for quick access to many of its amenities when travelling through it.

Next in the north-south or vice-versa department is Dakota Avenue/Street S. Both intersect with another important road, Egan Drive, and the former (which is also known as County Road 27) crosses paths with 154th Street/Hanrehan Lake Boulevard. The latter on the other hand, ends when it connects with another important road, which is McColl Drive. And just a mile outside of Savage, Dakota Avenue connects to State Route 13 via 160th Street SE.

Next on the list are roads that go east-west and vice-versa. We will be talking about Egan Drive first. Coming from the east near Sunset Pond, it intersects with Dakota Avenue, O’Connell Road, Ottawa Avenue, and State Route 13, as well as Boone Avenue, before exiting the suburb’s administrative boundaries. At the intersection with State Route 13 is the center of the city.

Finally, there’s McColl Drive, a curvy road. Coming from the east as Williams Drive, just like Egan Drive, it passes close to the Savage Fen Scientific and Natural Area, as well as intersecting with Lynn Avenue, Vermon Avenue, Dakota Avenue, it also intersects with State Route 13 and Boone Avenue before exiting the suburb altogether.

Things to Do in Savage, MN

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