In this article, we shall be talking about the various roads within the village of Roberts, Wisconsin. As is seen on the maps, there are many different types of road that go through this village in Saint Croix County, and thus, in order to make the describing of these roads easier, we shall be separating these different roads into two categories, which in turn, will be divided further into multiple subcategories. Now, the first category is those roads that are categorized as highways or freeways in the various highway systems within the United States, these include Interstate freeways, US Route Highways, and finally, the smallest of the bunch, although not in any way less important, State Route Highways. After we finish describing these roads that are classified as highways to you, we shall continue onward into the second category, which are roads that are not categorized as a highway of any kind, this category of roads includes your regular streets, boulevards, avenues, and drives.

Now, without any more distractions, we shall now start with the first subcategory of the first category, the Interstates, but we shall be brief about it. This is due to the fact that the presence of this interstate freeway appears to be brief within the village’s administrative boundaries, and thus, we shall be going over that category quickly. The name of this interstate is Interstate 94. As for the other subcategories of roads in the first category, it appears that there is only one of each, one US Route highway, and one State Route highway, within the area. The name of these highways is US Route 12, which is an east-west or vice-versa route, and the other one, which is State Route highway 65, which is a north-south, and again, vice versa, route.

Interstate 94 is an east to west highway within the village and only connects to State Route 65. This interstate, although brief in the village, is quite important as it provides a quick and easy way to access the settlement. It also brings in much-needed traffic to stimulate the economy. We shall now explain the second category, US Route Highways. Of which, the village of Roberts has, in the form of US Route 12. It is also east to the west highway and forms an intersection and concurrency with State Route 65. But other than that, just above Interstate 94 in terms of briefness and accessibility.

Now we shall talk about the most important road to the village of Roberts, Wisconsin, which is State Route 65. The road gives you unparalleled access to the inside sections of the village. It is a north-south and vice versa route and splits the village neatly in half with its road. Shift into this road from Interstate 94 or US Route 12 if you want to enter the village.

We shall now move on to the second category of roads, those roads that aren’t classified as highways, and really, there is only one important road in this category, and that is Graham Street/80th Avenue, which forms an intersection with State Route 65.

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