In this article, we shall be talking about the various road systems inside the administrative boundaries of the city of Prior Lake, Minnesota. We believe that it will come in handy for any of you planning trips to Prior Lake, or perhaps you simply wish to know about the various road systems within the city, either way, this article will give you ample information about the highways of this settlement for your ease of access. We will organize the roads from highest to lowest, highest being major highways such as Interstate freeways, US Route highways, and State Route Highways, and the lowest in the hierarchy (although not in any way less useful than the former) being streets and roads that aren’t cataloged in any highway system. As stated earlier, we will begin with the highest road possible. Unfortunately, there are no Interstate freeways and US Route highways inside the administrative borders of the city of Prior Lake, Minnesota, and thus we are to be describing State Route highways within the city instead. Prior Lake has one State Route, and we will describe it in detail.

State Route 13, or more formally known as Minnesota State Highway 13 (and abbreviated as SR-13 and shortened as Highway 13) is a highway in Minnesota that runs from its intersection with U.S. Highway 65 in Albert Lea to its northern terminus at its intersection with State Highway 149 at the West St. Paul / Saint Paul city boundary line. This highway is 112 miles (180 km) in length. As for the road itself inside the city, it comes from a slightly southwestern direction, entering the city after intersecting with Fairlawn Avenue, a road outside the city’s boundaries. Minnesota State Highway 13 then moves continually in a consistent northeastern direction and exits the city upon its intersection with another road which is partially outside the city, Egan Drive, or 140th Street NE (abbreviation, northeast), as it is called when inside of the city. While going through the city, State Route 13 intersects with another road, Eagle Creek Avenue SE. Of which we shall talk about in a bit.

As of today, State Route 13 is the only road belonging to a highway classification system, and thus, we move on to the lower roads (and again, not in any way less important). The first of which to be discussed being Eagle Creek Avenue SE, which we have talked about earlier in this article. We will now describe it, starting with its southwestern entry into the city’s borders. Eagle Creek Avenue SE (abbreviation, southeast) starts in the southwestern corner of the city, and goes in a continuous northwesterly direction, and around the center of the city, the road intersects with Minnesota State Highway 13. The road then crosses over the lake and into the other side of the city, intersecting with other roads, these roads include, 154th Street West, and 140th Street NE. Just a couple of meters after the intersection with the latter road, Eagle Creek Avenue SE exits the city’s borders.

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