There are several roads crisscrossing the town of Prescott, Wisconsin, and in this article, I shall be describing the more important ones to the settlement in detail. As for a quick starter description for the town’s road network, most of it is a grid-like network of roads surrounded by US Route 10 and State Trunk Highway 35, these two roads are perhaps the most important roads for the town of Prescott, Wisconsin, as it brings much needed traffic to the settlement as well as allowing the inhabitants of it quick access to the rest of Wisconsin as well as the state of Minnesota, whose capital, Minneapolis (and in extension the twin city metropolitan area of Minneapolis-St. Paul), is simply down the road, and quite literally as well as following US Route 10 will lead you to St. Paul, then to Minneapolis.

We shall begin describing the roads of Prescott, Wisconsin, starting with the most important, US Route 10, to the non-highway roads that you could take in order to access the town with more ease. First off, is US Route 10, which we shall be abbreviating as US-10 or Route 10 for the sake of shortening this article. The route is an east-west one – though isn’t limited to this way in terms of movement, and starts off in Bay City, Michigan. The route itself inside the town starts off in the northeastern corner of the city, entering the settlement as Cedar Street. It then enters into a concurrency with State Trunk Highway 35 about a kilometer in, before curving southward near Andrea Park. After that, it goes south and curves westward around the Welcome and Heritage Center, exiting the city boundaries halfway across the St. Croix River, after that it turns into Point Douglas Drive South. The route continues in a roughly westward way until its terminus in West Fargo, North Dakota.

The other important road for the settlement of Prescott, Wisconsin is State Trunk Highway 35, which we will abbreviate as STH-35 or WIS 35 for the sake of shortening this article. This highway is a Wisconsin state highway running north–south across western Wisconsin, practically hugging the Wisconsin-Minnesota state border. It is 412.15 miles in length, and is the longest state highway in Wisconsin. Portions of WIS 35 are part of the Great River Road. Because of the lower population of counties along the state’s western border with Iowa and Minnesota, it is a mostly rural routing with lower traffic counts than in other parts of the state. WIS 35 is also the terminus of 15 different state, US, and Interstate highways along its route. The highway itself inside the town of Prescott, Wisconsin starts off in the southeast of the town as the Great River Road, although when it enters and is inside of the town’s administrative boundaries, it is called Jefferson Street (and the name change technically occurs at this road’s intersection with Hollister Avenue inside Prescott). The route makes a curve around the town, forming a concurrency with Route 10 at the Welcome and Heritage Center, and splits from it in the north of the town, exiting just shortly after.

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