Only a one major road goes through the city of Lakeville, Minnesota, and that road is the freeway of Interstate 35. And thus, we shall be talking about local roads that you can use in order to access the inside of the city. But first, I’ll be giving you some information about the freeway that is integral to the city’s economy as well as to your day there, if you ever visit the rapidly growing city that is. Anyway, without further ado, let’s talk about Interstate 35. The freeway comes from the south, from the neighboring state of Iowa, and enters the city of Lakeville at around its southwestern corner. It passes through an intersection with 210th Street West, and comes close to a McDonalds and a Walmart. The road keeps on going north, and keeps on going that way really. It passes through Lake Marion, and goes near Ritter Farm Park. The Interstate intersects with 185th Street West, then it crosses paths with Kenwood Trail. Before exiting the city’s administrative boundaries, 162nd Street West. The road splits into 35W and 35E just a few miles outside the city’s borders. And that’s it for the Interstate.

Another important road serving the Lakeville area is Cedar Avenue, or more formally known as Minnesota State Highway 77, it can also be called County Road 23. It first intersects with Dakota County 50 and Lakeville Boulevard, and becoming concurrent with the former for a bit, splitting with it just northwest of Farmington High School. The road, like Interstate 35, goes straight north, though this road has less bends than the former. It then forms an intersection with Dodd Boulevard, after this, it exits the city after intersecting with another street that skirts the edges of the city; 160th Street West.

We mentioned Dodd Boulevard earlier, and we shall talk about that road. The route is smack dab in the middle of Interstate 35 and Cedar Avenue, making it a perfect road to access the middle areas of Lakeville, Minnesota. The road passes through much of the city’s central areas, then, roughly at the middle of the settlement, the road begins to veer to the right, intersecting with Highview Avenue, Cedar Avenue (which we discussed about earlier), and Flagstaff Avenue. It then exits the city just north of East Lake Community Park.

Dakota County 50/Kenwood Trail, formally known as County Road 50 is another route one can take in order to access the inside areas of the city. It starts from the east, converging and becoming concurrent with Cedar Avenue, before splitting from it a bit later. It runs in a straight-line westward until its intersection with Dodd Boulevard, where it is sent into a northwesterly direction. It forms an intersection with Ipava Avenue, then with 185th Street West. Before its interchange with Interstate 35, it forms an intersection with 175th Street West. Before exiting the city borders, the road intersects with 162nd Street West, after that, the road exits.

These roads that I have talked about are quite important to the economy of Lakeville, Minnesota, as it sends necessary traffic into its various shops and stores.

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