In this article, we shall be talking about the various roads within the city of Farmington, Minnesota. Many kinds of roads go through this city, and as such, in order to make the describing of these roads easier, we shall be separating them into two categories, which, in turn, will be separated into further subcategories. Now, the first category is those roads that are categorized as highways or freeways in the various highway systems within the United States, these include Interstate freeways, US Route Highways, State Route Highways, and finally, the smallest of the bunch, although not in any way less important, County Highways. After we finish describing these roads to you, we shall move into the second category, which are roads that aren’t within any highway categorization system, these roads include your regular streets, boulevards, avenues, and drives. Now, without any more distractions, we shall now start with the third subcategory of the first category, which is State Route highways, this is due to the fact that there appears to be no major Interstate freeway going inside the city’s borders, as well as the absence of US Routes in the vicinity of the city, and thus, we shall be skipping these two categories. It appears that there are only two State Route highways within the area, which include a north-south and east-west highway. The name of these highways is State Route Highway 3, which is a north-south or vice-versa route, and State Route Highway 50, the east-west one. We shall be describing that road first in this article.

State Route Highway 3 (abbreviated as SR-3) is a north-south route, it gives good access to the southeastern sections of the city, as well as having intersections with roads that give it access to other sections of the city. These intersections are as follows from a northbound perspective: State Route Highway 50, Dakota County 50, Vermillion River Trail, and 195th Street West/Dakota County 64. State Route Highway 5 is short in terms of duration within the city, as it immediately leaves after splitting from State Route 3, and intersects with US Route 52 more than 5 miles away from Farmington.

We shall now move to the final subcategory of the first category of roads, which are County Highways. Farmington only has one, and that highway is Dakota County 50. Coming from State Route Highway 3 and continues eastward, intersecting with Akin Road, Pilot Knob Road, Flagstaff Avenue, and continues onward to Lakeville and Interstate 35, which is more than three miles away from Farmington’s municipal borders.

There is a second County Highway in the city, which is Dakota County 64 coming from the east, from its intersection with State Route 3. From there, it goes westward, intersecting with Akin Road, Pilot Knob Road, and Flagstaff Avenue, forming a temporary concurrency with Flagstaff Avenue, it leaves the city shortly after that as 200th Street West.

We shall now move to the second category of roads, which are those roads that aren’t classified as highways. These include streets, drives, boulevards, and avenues. We shall be listing them. These roads are Vermillion River Trail, Akin Road, Pilot Knob Road, and Flagstaff Avenue. All of these roads are north-south and vice versa roads.

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