In this article, we shall be talking about the various kinds of roads that are within the unincorporated community of Beldenville, Wisconsin. As is seen on the maps, there are many different types of road that go through this town in Saint Croix County, and thus, in order to make the describing of these roads easier, we shall be separating these different roads into two categories, which in turn, will be divided further into multiple subcategories. Now, the first category is those roads that are categorized as highways or freeways in the various highway systems within the United States, these include Interstate freeways, US Route Highways, State Route Highways, and finally, the smallest of the bunch, although not in any way less important, County Highways. After we finish describing these roads that are classified as highways to you, we shall continue onward into the second category, which are roads that are not categorized as a highway of any kind, this category of roads includes your regular streets, boulevards, avenues, and drives.

Now, without any more distractions, we shall now start with the third subcategory of the first category, the State Route Highways. This is due to the fact that there are no Interstate freeways and US Route Highways near the community to speak of, and thus, we shall be skipping those categories automatically. The name of this State Route Highway is State Route 65 (abbreviated as SR-65). As for the other subcategories of roads in the first category, it appears that there are only two for the last subcategory, which is Saint Croix County Highway J and N, which are near the unincorporated community.

So, we shall talk about the State Route Highway within the community first, that is, State Route 65. The route within the settlement starts in the south, but at its intersection and formation of concurrency with County Highway J slightly northward, it bends towards the westward sharply. And exits the vicinity of the settlement in the east when it bends northward once more. This highway is quite important to the community, as it brings in much-needed traffic to it, stimulating the economy as well as bringing in visitors.

We shall now move onto the next and final subcategory of the first category, those roads that are classified as County Highways, and the unincorporated community of Beldenville, Wisconsin, has two of these kinds of road, these are County Highway J and County Highway H. We shall talk about the former first. This road comes from the north, in a concurrency with County Highway H, and turns sharply to the west with its intersection with State Route 65. It forms a concurrency with it and splits from this concurrency with SR-65 around the same time SR-65 begins moving northward. Next is County Highway H, within the surroundings of the community it is mostly in a concurrency with County Highway J and State Route 65.

As for the second category, there’s 750th Street, 740th Street, and 720th Street.

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