Affordable MacBook Pro and Repair at HelperTech

If you need a MacBook Pro at a very affordable price, you can get one at HelperTech in Eagan, MN. They will always have something that will fit your budget. They also have one that has Mojave on it and can be availed for only $499. But if you only need repairs on your MacBook Pro, don’t you worry because HelperTech can get it done for you at no time!


  • MacBook Pro available at HelperTech Eagan, MN

  • MacBook Pro from HelperTech has a 90-day warranty

  • Your college student can get a MacBook Pro from HelperTech

  • HelperTech has the latest Mojave installed in some of their MacBook Pros

  • HelperTech offers repair on MacBook Pros at Eagan, MN

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Hey, everybody. It’s Jamie from Helpertech with you this afternoon. Wanted to show two new items that we just put out on the floor. We’ve got two new MacBooks in stock. So looking at the first one here. This is a MacBook Pro, 2012 is the model year. It’s a 13″ display on it. Currently has 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. Has an Intel Core i5 processor in it also.

Let’s go ahead and flash up here. You can see we’re currently selling this one for $399. Does also come with a 90-day warranty on it, so MacBooks are great if you are a college student, or even if you’re maybe a high school senior. They’re very powerful. They can do anything you’re going to need to do school-wise.

Obviously, they’re good for graphics, arts. If you’re into music production, they’re capable of doing that as well. Again, with a 500GB hard drive, plenty of storage for all the work you’re going to need to be doing. Okay? So that’s the first one. Again, $399.

I’m going to move over to the other one here. Very similar model, a couple of exceptions on this one. This one does have the 480 GB solid state drive, so you’re going to get a little bit better performance out of this one.

It’s going to be much quicker on boot up speeds and accessing your data. As you can see here this one because of the hard drive upgrade is going for $499. Another thing that’s different about this one is we have Mojave on this one. Because of the solid state drive, we put in we were able to upgrade this one to the Mojave operating system.

That’s Apple’s newest one. So you can see here a little different look to it on the background. That indicates that this one does have Mojave on it.

Otherwise, it’s very similar to the computer I just showed you, again, just a little bit of performance gain on it with that solid state drive. Again, this one here is available for $499.

So whether you’re in the market for a new MacBook or if you have a MacBook that is on the fritz and it just needs repair, we do offer MacBook repairs in addition to the sales.

So come on into the store here in Eagan. If you need any repairs done to your MacBook we can help you out.

Give us a call at the store 651-605-2570. Thanks, everybody.

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