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At Helpertech you’ll find friendly technicians who can solve water repairs Eagan. From water to coffee spills for iPhone and iPad repair to computers, laptops, and game consoles. Whether you’re looking for computer service, phone repair service, or other electronics repair – our expert techs are here to help with your water damaged devices!

Diagnosing iPhone water damage is easy. There is an indicator within the device that tests for moisture or water called a Liquid Contact Indicator (LCI), just behind the sim card. One can check the LCI for contact with water by removing your iPhone case and locate the SIM card tray. It is on the right side of the phone, just below the side button. Using a SIM tray removal tool or a straightened paper clip, press into the small hole at the bottom of the SIM tray and gently remove it. Shine a light into the empty SIM slot and look for a red color (this indicates damage). The slot is rather small, and you may need a magnification device. If you see white or silver your phone is not likely to have sustained damage from water. However, if you see red that means the phone’s LCI has been activated and that water or another liquid got into the phone, likely damaging it.

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Get Helpertech to fix your iPhone water repairs, your battery, or any other phone repairs you may need in Eagan. Our friendly staff will repair your liquid damage fast, while you enjoy free coffee and refreshments, play old school Nintendo, or watch some Netflix in our customer lounge. Come see why people that need Eagan phone repairs trust their iPhone water repairs to Helpertech technicians!

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