In this article, we shall make its subject about the various landmarks that are within, as well as those that are a quick drive away, the village of Roberts, Wisconsin. And, yes, it appears that there are plenty of landmarks within this city that you can visit, such as a library, park, restaurants, and a nearby lake! And we shall give a quick description on each of them as to give you ample information about them. Names and addresses (with the exception of the lake on the second info, which is nearby) will be given. Now, without any more hesitation, let me begin describing to you the various parks within the village of Roberts, Wisconsin.

First off, the lake! Twin Lakes is a 60-acre lake located in Saint Croix County. Before boating on an unfamiliar Wisconsin waterway check for a sign at the public boat landing to determine if there are local regulations (more restrictive than state law) which may apply on that waterbody. There may be a delay between the time an ordinance is passed and the time it gets into our database. Therefore, the only way to know for sure if a water body has an ordinance in effect is to look for a sign posted at a public boat landing.

Then there’s the library, whose name is Hazel Mackin Community Library. The Hazel Mackin Community Library was established in 1975.  As part of the MORE consortium of libraries, it is connected to 52 other libraries in St. Croix County and the surrounding areas. This allows patrons to have access to a wider variety of materials including books, audiobooks, magazines, music CDs, DVDs, and video games. In addition to providing patrons with materials, the library offers a wide variety of services such as public computers, printing, faxing, book clubs, tech help and programs for all ages from children to adults. The library’s location is 311 West Warren St, Roberts, Wisconsin 54023.

As for all the food lovers out reading this to learn about Roberts, not to worry! There is a place for you here in the village of Roberts, Wisconsin! Come on down to Carbone’s Pizza! This place is a longtime local pizza chain offering plenty of topping options, hoagies & salads, and is located 110 West Main St, Roberts, Wisconsin 54023. Then there’s Robert’s café, the very definition of a mom and pop establishment! Whether you live in this area or are just passing through, you should come here and experience hometown dining at its best. Breakfast is butter soaked and fattening. The jam is homemade (and sometimes sold by the jar). Potatoes are hand diced (forget that prepackaged crap). Pancake batter is made from scratch. Your coffee cup gets topped off often and you never feel rushed to leave your comfy spot despite the steady stream of patrons. As for the location of this establishment, it’s 208 West Main Street, Roberts, Wisconsin 54023.

We sure do hope that you have been aptly informed on the various landmarks within the village of Roberts, Wisconsin.

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