iPhone X Data Recovery

This iPhone X Has Some Extreme Damage

A customer came in with an iPhone X, and it was definitely one of the most extreme cases of damage we’ve ever seen!  The phone was run over by a car, and the customer needs data recovery.


    • What an iPhone X looks like after being run over by a car

    • Helpertech provides iPhone data recovery service

    • Even if you can’t use your phone, it may still be possible to transfer the data off of it

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Hi, everybody. It’s Cassie from Helpertech. I am just gonna show you we had an iPhone X come in here recently that got run over by a car.

This is probably in one of our top 10 versions of some of these phones coming in and getting destroyed. You can actually see the frame is broken completely. This is how it was brought in. I have not taken it apart.

Just the fact that the frame bent this much is what caused the screen itself to just pop out. It’s actually broken enough that you can see inside the phone, and see all of the different connections.

Looking at it the motherboard might still be fine cause where the motherboard actually is its straight and not bent, but we’re gonna see.

We’re gonna attempt to fix this. We’re gonna attempt to get data off, so wish us luck.

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