HelperTech Is Located Inside ACE Hardware In River Falls

If you are having problems with your iPhone and is located at River Falls, Wisconsin, or any of the nearby areas, you can visit HelperTech inside ACE Hardware on N Main Street. They repair all kind of iPhone problems from cracked screens, home buttons, audio jack issues and the like. No appointment necessary. You can visit them immediately.


  • Where to have an iPhone repair in River Falls at Wisconsin.

  • Common iPhone repair available at HelperTech.

  • HelperTech is located inside ACE Hardware on N Main Street, River Falls, Wisconsin.

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Hi, everybody. It’s Cassie from Helpertech. I was just going to talk to you about iPhone repair that you can get done in River Falls now. If you have any broken screens, you dropped it and it cracked, or if your battery’s not lasting very long, charge port’s not working, any of the buttons are malfunctioning, your rear camera can go out or maybe you cracked the lens on that, stop over at Ace Hardware and talk to Dave and John. They can get you all figured out. Any kind of iPhone repair. If you’re in the River Falls, Hudson, Prescott, or Madison area, feel free to stop over there to get your iPhones repaired.

You guys have a nice night.

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