iPhone Cleaning Solution

Some of the things you will learn in this edition are

  •  You can use a couple of laser wipes in cleaning your iPhone. It does the job pretty good.
  •  You can use a UV light for the cleaning
  •  Ultra-violet(UV) light are very useful in breaking down germs on phones.
  •  Applying UV light on your iPhone in 30 seconds to a minute can help in breaking down germs.
  •  Practicing regular cleaning habits, because it’s very easy after your hand touches your phone and you apply it on your face afterwards could result in germ outbreak.
  •  Also, a little bit of alcohol could do the job too, but be careful not to drown your phone in it.

iPhone Cleaning Tool

 How to clean your iPhone. In this edition of our video series we dive
into a very important issue, and that is “iPhone Cleaning”. And we will be looking at a few tips
to carrying out an effective cleaning for an iPhone.

iPhone cleaning can be done in one of the following ways such as; using an Ultra-violet light in
cleaning the phone, in some cases a couple of laser wipes can be used as well, and also a little
bit of alcohol could be used as well for the cleaning.

The whole essence is to break down any germ on the phone to prevent an outbreak. There are also
some iPhone cleaning kits that really work well for a thorough clean.


  •  How you can use a couple of laser wipes in cleaning your iphone
  •  How you can use a UV light for the cleaning
  • We at Helpertech, Burnsville can help you out with cleaning your iPhone.

Hey everybody, it’s Cassie from Helpertech, Burnsville, and I was just going to talk to you today about cleaning habits for your phone. Now this is something that’s, everybody’s a little worried about with the most recent viruses and things like that, and your phone is, it’s very easy to get germs and get dirty. A couple of Lysol wipes do help out breaking that down.

But you can also try using a UV light, you use them to cure glue or like at a nail salon or something, but they are actually known for helping to break down germs and things like that on phones.

You can just get the little nail ones, run it over your phone for like 30 seconds to a minute, something like that and it’ll help break down some of the germs on there. But it’s always a good idea to just practice cleaning habits. Like I said, your phone, you touch your hands, it goes to your face. It’s very easy to catch a bacteria off of it. So take some time, wipe it down, alcohol, a little bit of Lysol, something like that.

Don’t drown your phone in that. But also if you can get the UV curing lights just for little nail salons works great. So otherwise, if you have any questions, you can give us a call. Phone number is (651) 605-2575. You guys have a nice day.

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