iPhone Button Repair

Helpertech Provides iPhone Button Repair Services

If any of the buttons on your iPhone are acting up, sticking, glitching, or just plain not working, we can help!  iPhone button repair is available on all iPhone buttons, with no appointment needed.  Stop on in today, the repair is fast and easy to do.


    • Helpertech can provide button repairs on your iPhon

    • Home buttons, power button, and volume button repair is available

    • You can also replace the side button or vibrate button

    • Repairs are fast

    • Locations in Burnsville, MN and Eagan, MN

    • No appointment is needed

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Hi, everybody. It’s Cassie from Helpertech. Just going to talk to you about some iPhone button repairs that we can do here. Sometimes, your power button wears out and you click it and it won’t actually turn your phone and off, it won’t do the lock screen or anything like that. That does wear out over time. The button can just wear out. The volume buttons, those can be replaced, as well, if you’re having issues turning the volume up and down or even the silence button on the iPhone. If that’s not clicking when you flip it, we can replace that. The home button can also be replace on any 6S or older iPhone.

You can bring it in. We can swap it out. Repairs do vary a little bit depending on which button needs to be replaced. They can range anywhere from 15 minutes for a home button to an hour to do a power button because, a lot of those, you actually have to take the motherboard out to get to the button itself, but, otherwise, that’s really all there is to it. They’re very easy to do, though, even if they are a little bit time-consuming.

If you have any issues, maybe you’ve had to turn that AssistiveTouch button on because some of the side buttons aren’t working on your iPhone, and we can fix those. We can repair those iPhone buttons for you. We’ve got our location here in Burnsville, as you know. If you have any questions, you can give us a call. Phone number is (651)605-2575, and we’re here Monday through Friday, 10:00 to 6:00 and Saturday 10:00 to 3:00. You don’t need an appointment. We have most of those parts on hand, so you can just come in and get it done. Otherwise, like I said, just give us a call, and you can stop in any time it’s convenient for you. You guys have a nice night.

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