Going Over The iPhone 8 Screen Repair

iPhone 8 is one of the most iconic phones to date. It is very handy and an awesome gadget but it can also be a big problem if you break the screen or the screen is no longer functioning
We at Helpertech, Burnsville can totally help you fix your iPhone 8 or nay iPhones quickly. We have all the necessary tools to get it done, the screen is totally replaceable.
Visit us so we can get it fixed for you and get your iPhone 8 working again.


  • You will know what’s inside the iPhone 8.
  • You will have any knowledge of how your iPhone 8 looks like on the inside.
  • We at Helpertech, Burnsville, can  help you out with your iPhone 8 problems.

Cassie: Hey, everybody. It’s Cassie from Helpertech, and I just wanted to show you guys how to replace the screen on an iPhone 8. So we’re just going to start off. First, you take out the two Pentalobes down at the bottom, just these two little screws. Then we’ll go ahead and pop up the screen. So I’ve got the iSesamo here and I’m putting it in the seam between the frame and the screen itself and just walking the iSesamo up the side. And then this one just popped all the way off, but the only other thing to be would just make sure that these brackets pop out. But then it opens off to the right, so then what we’ll end up doing is we’re going to take the screws out of the shield here and this shield up here. And then once we do that, well, you’ll be able to move the home button over to the new screen.

So if you need a screen repair done, we do have a location, our Helpertech Burnsville location, and our Helpertech Eagan location. We can do those repairs in about an hour for 119 or in 15 minutes for 149. So feel free to stop in and get that done. We’re here at 10:00 to 6:00 during the week, and our Burnsville, Helpertech Burnsville location is located at 14321 Nicollet Court, Burnsville, Minnesota 55306. So stop out and we can get that done for you. You guys have a nice day.

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