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Did you accidentally drop your iPhone 12 and now have a cracked back glass? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. While the iPhone 12 boasts of some of the most robust features, accidents can happen to anyone. The back glass on your iPhone 12 is an essential component that protects your phone’s internal components from external damage and moisture. Ignoring a cracked back glass can lead to more significant problems in the future. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about iPhone 12 back glass replacement. We will explore professional back glass replacement options, compare them with DIY methods, and provide a step-by-step guide on DIY replacement if you decide to go down that route. Additionally, we will also discuss tips to avoid future back glass damage and cost considerations for both professional service and DIY methods.

Understanding the Need for iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement

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Ensuring the structural integrity of your iPhone 12 is crucial. A cracked back glass diminishes its aesthetic appeal and resale value. Professional replacement parts comply with functional requirements, and ignoring damage may lead to higher replacement costs. Adhering to service terms ensures coverage status.

The Importance of Back Glass in iPhone 12-front and back glass replacement

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The back glass of the iPhone 12 contributes to its wireless charging capability. Genuine Apple parts used in replacement comply with the manufacturing requirements. It’s covered by the remaining warranty term and ensures the integrity of your device, adhering to consumer law.

Dangers of Ignoring Cracked iphone 12 backglass

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Ignoring cracked back glass can lead to further damage, resulting in the need for full replacement. Accidental damage may affect wireless charging functionality. DIY methods could void warranty coverage. Neglecting cracked back glass may cause issues with wireless charging and device handling. Professional replacement ensures genuine Apple parts and upholds warranty terms.

Exploring Professional Back Glass Replacement Options

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Professional back glass replacement services guarantee the use of genuine Apple parts and adhesive, ensuring full replacement value and coverage status maintenance for your iPhone 12. Service fees are covered by the Apple warranty, making it a reliable and cost-effective option.

What Involves in Professional Replacement?

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Professional back glass replacement involves the use of laser machines and genuine Apple parts. With the help of wireless charging coil and laser technology, the back glass is accurately replaced while preserving the wireless charging functionality. Professional services also cover shipping fees, ensuring genuine parts and adhesive are used.

The Role of Laser Machines in Replacement

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Utilizing laser machines in back glass replacement ensures precise placement and preserves wireless charging functionality. This technology guarantees accurate back glass replacement without affecting the wireless charging coil, maintaining the integrity and alignment of the new glass. Laser machines also ensure the adhesive meets functional requirements.

Comparing Professional Service and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Methods-back glass replacement iphone 12

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Comparing professional service and DIY methods ensures warranty coverage and genuine Apple parts. Professional back glass replacement guarantees preservation of wireless charging functionality. Choosing professional service avoids issues with warranty, coverage, and iPhone 12 handling.

The Pros and Cons of DIY Back Glass Replacement

When considering DIY back glass replacement, it’s important to be aware of potential issues with wireless charging and device handling. Additionally, DIY methods may void the warranty and coverage status of your iPhone 12. There’s also the risk of accidental damage and potential costs for full replacement value.

Why Choose Professional Service Over DIY?

Opting for professional back glass replacement service offers several advantages over DIY methods. With professionals, you can be assured of genuine Apple parts and adhesive, preserving the full value of replacement. Additionally, professional service guarantees the integrity of your iPhone 12’s wireless charging and handling features, and ensures functional requirements are met with laser machines and wireless charging coils. Plus, professional service covers shipping fees and service costs while maintaining warranty terms and coverage status.

Step-by-Step Guide on DIY Back Glass Replacement

Considering a DIY back glass replacement for your iPhone 12? Keep in mind that it may result in issues with wireless charging and handling, and carry the risk of accidental damage, potential costs, and warranty voidance. Genuine Apple parts and adhesive are essential for avoiding these issues.

Required Tools for DIY apple iphone 12 back glass replacement

To safely remove the back glass of an iPhone 12, a heat gun is essential. Additionally, precision adhesive and a wireless charging coil are necessary for the replacement process. Spare cables and wireless chargers may also be useful, while genuine Apple parts are crucial for functional requirements. Reddit and YouTube tutorials can provide valuable insights for this DIY repair.

Safety Precautions during DIY Replacement

When handling broken back glass, safety precautions are crucial. Using the right adhesive and glue, along with careful precision during DIY replacement, is essential. Potential costs, warranty coverage post-replacement, and Apple limited warranty considerations should also be kept in mind.

Cost Considerations for Back Glass Replacement

Understanding the Apple warranty period is crucial for cost considerations. Familiarize with full replacement value, coverage status, potential costs of parts, service fee, shipping fee, and consumer law impact on costs.

Estimated Cost of Professional Service

When seeking professional service for iPhone 12 back glass replacement, consider the use of genuine Apple parts and laser machines for precise replacement. The cost covers genuine parts, repair service, and may vary based on functional requirements. Warranty coverage and manufacturing issues impact the overall service cost.

Calculating Cost of DIY Replacement

Understanding the apple limited warranty and potential costs of parts is crucial for DIY replacement. The incident of accidental damage and warranty coverage status are cost factors. Usage of genuine Apple parts, adhesive glue, and wireless charging accessories all impact DIY replacement costs.

Tips to Avoid Future Back Glass Damage

Applying a protective back cover and screen protector can prevent future damage. Utilize wireless charging and spare cables to avoid back glass damage. Familiarize with the Apple privacy policy and warranty terms for proper care. Adhere to safety precautions and handle the iPhone 12 with care for damage prevention. Understand warranty coverage and accidental damage policies for prevention.

How to care for your iPhone 12 to prevent back glass damage?

To prevent back glass damage on your iPhone 12, make sure to regularly check for scratches and cracks, and address them promptly. Understand the coverage status of the Apple warranty and AppleCare plan. Utilize wireless charging and spare cables to alleviate potential damage. Adhere to the Apple privacy policy and handle your iPhone 12 with care. Use genuine part replacements and adhesive glue to prevent back glass damage.


In conclusion, when it comes to iPhone 12 back glass replacement, it’s important to prioritize professional service over DIY methods. The back glass plays a crucial role in the functionality and aesthetics of your device, and ignoring cracked glass can lead to further damage and potential hazards. Professional replacement options offer skilled technicians, the use of advanced laser machines, and a warranty for peace of mind. While DIY methods may seem cost-effective, they come with risks and may not provide the same level of precision and expertise. Additionally, taking steps to prevent future back glass damage, such as caring for your iPhone 12 and using protective cases, can save you from costly repairs.