iPad Screen Problems

iPads are totally an awesome gadget but it can also be a big problem if you break the screen or the screen is no longer functioning
We at Helpertech, Burnsville can totally help you fix your Apple Watch quickly. We have all the necessary tools to get it done, the screen is totally replaceable.
Visit us so we can get it fixed for you and get your iPads working again.


  • You will know what’s inside your iPads.
  • You will have any knowledge of how to change the damaged screen of your iPads.
  • We at Helpertech, Burnsville can you help you out with your iPads problems.

Cassie: Hi, everybody. This is Cassie from Helpertech and I’m going to talk to you about iPads right now. One thing that people always talk about, at least with the Air and the Pros is their glass isn’t cracked, but they’re still having picture issues. So this one here, right now it switches between just doing a fade outline on the left side to a full white screen. I just want to show you how that looks. Just because the glass isn’t broken doesn’t mean that you don’t need to get the screen replaced, because sometimes they bend in a weird way, the LCD starts pulling away from the glass, things like that. Or even if your touch isn’t working sometimes you need to get this whole piece replaced.

Cassie: You’ll notice when it turned on it did kind of that gray fade out over there. I got to let it turn on all the way, but once it does and you can kind of turn it off and on, you’ll see it keep doing that. So this does tell me that the LCD is broken and it does need the whole thing replaced.
Cassie: Now, we can replace it. It does take about a day to do the repair and you’re looking at 249 for the Air 2s for us to replace the whole LCD and screen. But it is replaceable and it does, once you do that, the iPad should be fully usable again. So if you want to get that done, you can stop out at Helpertech Burnsville and get that done today. Otherwise, if you have any questions, you can call us at (651) 605-2575. Like I said, stop out at Helpertech Burnsville and we can get you going. You guys have a nice day.

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