iPad Pro 11 Water Damage

Okay in this video we will be looking at something a little bit different and essential. It’s about iPad 11 water damage. We took a look at an iPad 11 which has been damaged by water. A scenario of water damage could be you placed the iPad somewhere, and by accident water drops into it, or a case of being drenched under a rainfall and the water penetrates deep down the iPad, or a case of a water splash or something. And then it gets wet.

iPad 11 Screen Repair

These devices such as the iPhone, or the iPad, they are not water proof. They are only water resistant. So this can happen to any electronic device. You can see the corossion around the connector where the water touched.

We do charge a $40 day fee. Water damage of an iPad 11 is something we can potentially fix.


  • How we are able to repair the screen of iPad 11
  • Our cost for repairing an iPad 11 screen
  • We at Helpertech, Burnsville, can help you out with your iPad 11 screen problems.