iPad Battery Replacement

In this video we want to look into and talk about iPad battery replacement. We have two iPad minis
on display here and I will be showing one of them.

The case study we have here is actually for an iPad mini and we look at its battery. So in this
scenario we have the battery started expanding to a specific point where it started pushing out
the screen. When this happens as demonstrated in the video, the LCD starts to pull apart.

We wanted to show this so you can see some of the indications of a bad battery and also emphasize
the point that when batteries start expanding, they just keep expanding and never stop.

The iPad battery replacement is something we specialize in and we can do this for $89 which takes
about a day to do. If you notice your battery is not lasting long, you don’t have to wait till it
all goes completely bad. Just call in and get it fixed right away.

Replace A iPad Battery

We have two iPad mini on display here and we did a case study on one of them.

So, we noticed that at a certain point one of the indications of a battery going bad is that the
battery begins to expand to a specific point where it starts pushing out the screen, and
thereafter the LCD starts to pull apart as well.

Note also that when the battery of an iPad begins to expand, it just keeps expanding and never
stops. Once you notice that your iPad battery is not lasting longer anymore, it’s about time you
replaced it, don’t wait.


  • How we are able to replace an iPad Battery
  • Our cost for repairing any iPad Battery
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