iPad 4 Screen Repair

4th Generation iPad Screen Repair

Helpertech can perform screen repair on your 4th generation iPad.  Cassie shows us an iPad screen repair on this 4th generation iPad, explaining some of the details that go into a successful and lasting repair.  Helpertech can fix your iPad 2, 3, and 4th gen.  Contact us today!


  • iPad 4 screen repair

  • Remove the LCD first

  • Clean off the old glass chips so you do no break the new screen

  • iPad 3 and 4 use the same screen

  • Repair takes about 24 hours to fully cure the adhesive

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Hi, everybody. It’s Cassie from Helpertech and I’m going to talk to you about how to install an iPad 4 and put a new screen in there. I’ve already got this one partially apart. I already took out the LCD, which is over here. The way that I did that is I’ve got the connector, and it would’ve gone in right here, and this is just a lever that you can take some tweezers in and just flip it up. Next stop, I’ve already cleaned off the edges. Once you get the screen off, you want to make sure you’re going around the edges of the iPad with your finger once you’re done just to see if there’s any remaining glass on there, because you don’t want to get through this whole process and then have a little splinter crack your screen. I’m not seeing anything, so we’re good there. That does attach to the new screen. The iPad 3 and 4 do use the same screen, but they do have two different home buttons, so when I do this, I’ll actually unscrew this little black piece. There’s two screws here on either side of the gold contacts. Then I will attach this on the back of it.

Then when I’m done, once I’m done with that, I will take this connector and I’ll actually put it in these two connectors right here. They’ve got the same flip lever that once I get it in there, I can actually just push it down with my finger. If something isn’t seated right or anything like that, I can just grab my tweezers and flip it back up nice an careful. You do want to be careful about not jamming in at the connector. You want to be careful about not breaking the plastic here. Let’s refocus. Because that will cause problems with your touch sensitivity down the road.

If you have any questions, this is a repair that we do on the regular. It takes about 24 hours to do, because once you get the new screen on there, you do want to leave it in the clamps for about 24 hours, just to make sure that the adhesive sets and everything like that. If you have any questions, give us a call. Phone number is 651-605-2570. Otherwise, we do this repair for the iPad 4. Actually, the iPad 2, 3, and 4. We do that screen repair for $109, and we do all iPad models, so stop in and we can help you out. You guys have a nice day.

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