HelperTech Can Help You Get iPad Screen Repair in Burnsville

Common iPad screen repair issues can easily be fixed. At HelperTech, we can solve your iPad screen problems easily. You can also get $20 worth of accessories or can be applied towards any of the products we are selling on your next purchase. If you need help, you can visit HelperTech anytime.


  • Know about iPad screen repair.

  • How to get iPad screen repair at Burnsville area.

  • How to save money from getting an iPad repair.

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Hi everybody, it’s Cassie from HelperTech, Burnsville, and I was just going to talk to you about iPad screen repair. So most iPads can get their screens replaced. Generally takes 24 hours to do, but if we do that, we can replace both the glass. If the pictures having any issues, that can get replaced as well. Any touch functions would be fixed with a new screen.

So if you dropped it, you know, it happens. You drop it on the carpet even, I’ve seen it break. Or it lands on a corner or it hits the cement. Kids are playing with it. I’ve had some people tell me their kids took the iPad and just chucked it across the room. It happens. Screens crack and break. But you know, they are replaceable. Don’t think you have to go out and spend six, $700 on a new iPad. Just come in and fix the one you’ve got. Then you don’t have to worry about moving any of your data over. Everything can just, all your apps are still there. You’re already logged into your iCloud account, and the repairs are relatively quick. We can get those done in about a day, 24 hours, just because the screens are adhesive and they got to sit in clamps when they’re done.

But with a screen repair, you do get to pick out $20 worth of accessories or you can put that towards any products that we’re selling. So I’ve got different charge cables over here. I’ve got tempered glass screen protectors and back that I can put on. You know, a wide variety of stuff.

So feel free to stop in. We’re here Monday through Friday, 10 to 6 and Saturday, 10 to 3. If you have any questions, you can give us a call. Phone number is 651-605-2575. You guys have a nice night.

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