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Did you know Helpertech has a location in Eagan, MN?  At our Eagan location, we provide customers with our famous 15 Minute iPhone Repair, Samsung repair, and other Android phone repairs.  Right on Cliff Road, and easy to access, Helpertech in Eagan is your local phone repair store.


    • Helpertech has a location in Eagan, MN

    • iPhone Repair, Samsung Galaxy Repair, Android Repair

    • Services include screen repair, battery replacement, and button repair

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Hi everybody, it’s Cassie from Helpertech. Did you know we actually have a location in Eagan, as well as Burnsville? We can do cell phone repairs just as easily over there, if it’s closer for you. They do screen repair, batteries, charge ports, any of the buttons. They do iPhone, any Android, cell phone repairs. So you just gotta stop in.

They’re located off of Cliff Road in Eagan, right across the street from the driver’s license testing station. So like I said, you don’t need an appointment. Their phone number is 651-605-2570. If you have any questions, and if they’re a little bit more convenient for you.

And they’re actually open 8 – 6 during the week, and Saturday, 10-3. So, otherwise, like I said, they can do anything that we can do, and it’s just if it’s more convenient for you to get your cell phone repaired in Eagan, as opposed to Burnsville, stop on in.

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