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The iPhone 12 is a stunning piece of technology that deserves the best care and attention. However, accidents happen and you may find yourself with a shattered back glass. Not to worry, in this blog we will guide you through everything you need to know about iPhone 12 back glass replacement. We’ll start by explaining why it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible, followed by an overview of your options for repair: professional replacement or DIY. We’ll also provide detailed information on both methods, including the costs associated with each one. Furthermore, we’ll discuss Apple’s official repair procedure and whether or not their warranty covers back glass replacement. Lastly, we’ll offer tips on how to prevent future damage and keep your iPhone 12 looking like new. Let’s dive in!

Understanding the Need for iPhone 12 Back Glass Replacement

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Restoring your iPhone 12’s pristine appearance is crucial. Besides aesthetics, a damaged back glass can jeopardize internal components and wireless charging efficiency. Timely replacement of the cracked back glass is imperative to maintain the device’s functionality. Opting for professional replacement ensures a seamless fit and finish, safeguarding both the appearance and performance of your device.

The Specifics of iPhone 12 fix back glass


The iPhone 12 back glass plays a vital role in enabling wireless charging, housing the wireless charging coil. Damage to this component necessitates prompt replacement to avoid voiding the warranty. Replacing the iPhone 12 back glass requires the use of adhesive and wireless coil, ensuring proper restoration of functionality and aesthetics.

Consequences of a cracked Back Glass-fixing iphone 12 back glass

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The cracked back glass on an iPhone 12 poses a potential risk of injury from shards, impacting the device’s aesthetic appeal. DIY repairs may lead to accidental damage, and repair service fees vary. Apple recommends professional repair for broken back glass, emphasizing safety and quality. Neglecting broken back glass can compromise the overall user experience.

Choosing Between Professional Replacement and DIY

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When considering iPhone 12 back glass replacement, professional service guarantees easier, risk-free repair with a warranty. Opting for professional replacement parts ensures a new back glass and may be offered at service providers like Apple store and ubreakifix. Conversely, DIY repair raises the risk of accidental damage and may not guarantee a new back glass. Warranty does not cover accidental back glass damage.

Process of Professional Replacement Using Laser Machine

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Utilizing laser technology, professionals ensure precise back glass replacement on an iPhone 12. The process involves fixing the replacement back glass with glue or adhesive and integrating the wireless charging coil. This method is recommended by Applecare for a seamless and safe repair. The integration ensures the functionality of features like wireless charging.

Costs Associated with Professional Repair


The service fee for professional back glass replacement varies with the provider. Apple store repair costs include replacement parts, ensuring a perfect fit. Wireless charging coil replacement is also covered. Reddit forums discuss costs and experiences. Professional repair ensures seamless integration of wireless charging coil and a perfect fit for the iPhone 12 back glass.

Exploring DIY Repair Options-back glass repair iphone 12

Explore DIY options for iPhone 12 back glass repair, emphasizing attention to detail. The replacement kit includes adhesive and new glass, enabling the old back glass to be easily replaced. However, DIY repair may void warranty and accidental damage coverage. YouTube tutorials provide a helpful guide, but consider the potential implications before starting the process.

Replacing the Entire Housing: A Step-by-Step Guide

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When replacing the back glass of an iPhone 12, it involves removing the entire housing. The heat and pry tool method are commonly used for this purpose, requiring careful adhesive use. Precise alignment of replacement parts is essential for successful back glass replacement. While DIY methods are an option, professional back glass repair services offer easier and more reliable repair.

Opportunities and Challenges with the Heat and Pry Tool Method

The DIY method with a heat and pry tool for back glass repair on an iPhone 12 demands precision and caution due to the challenges it poses. However, opportunities exist for those who approach this method with care. The use of a heat gun is a key aspect of this process, making it essential to exercise caution and precision throughout.

Considerations Before Starting the Repair

Before initiating the repair, assess the implications of accidental damage. Carefully consider the warranty as iPhone 12 back glass replacement may affect it. Seek expert insights from professional repair services. Ensure the integrity of the wireless charging coil before proceeding with the back glass repair. Note that XR model back glass repair differs from that of an iPhone 12.

Safety Precautions for DIY Repair

Before starting the repair, always wear appropriate protective gear to prevent accidents. Ensure the work area is well-ventilated and free of flammable materials. Keep the repair area clean and organized to avoid misplacing tools or components. Practice caution when using heat sources like heat guns to prevent burns or damage. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for handling broken glass carefully.

Tools Needed for DIY Repair

Ensure a successful repair with essential tools: heat gun, suction cup, adhesive remover, and precision screwdrivers. Quality replacement parts, adhesive, and wireless charging coil are crucial. Specialized laser machines provide precise back glass replacement. Keep spare adhesive, glue, and wireless charging coil on hand. Ensure the replacement kit includes all necessary accessories for a seamless repair.

Apple’s Approach to Back Glass Replacement

Apple values professional repair services, prioritizing skilled technicians for back glass replacement. The process emphasizes safety and precision, ensuring customers have the option of visiting authorized service providers. Apple’s service fee covers replacement parts, warranty, and accidental damage support. However, DIY repairs risk compromising internal components and voiding the device’s warranty.

Apple’s Official Repair Procedure

Apple’s repair process meticulously removes shattered glass and adhesive residue. Skilled technicians precisely fit the new back glass using specialized tools, guaranteeing high-quality replacements sourced directly from Apple. The adhesive, designed for wireless charging, ensures durability and reliability. This professional, customer-focused approach ensures a seamless repair, enhancing the device’s longevity.

Costs and Timeframe in Apple’s Method

Apple’s back glass replacement is competitively priced and efficient. Customers experience professional service and receive a warranty. The service fee covers replacement parts and accidental damage support, providing peace of mind. Opting for Apple’s repair service ensures minimal disruption and reliable support, emphasizing quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

How to Prevent Future Back Glass Damage?

To prevent future back glass damage on your iPhone 12, consider using protective cases and screen protectors. Avoid exposing the device to extreme heat, regularly inspect the back glass for signs of wear, and prioritize wireless charging accessories that are compatible with the back glass material. Educate yourself and others on safe handling practices to minimize the risk of damage.

Does Apple’s Warranty Cover Back Glass Replacement?

Apple’s warranty covers back glass replacement, including accidental damage. Customers can rely on Apple’s professional support and service for efficient repair solutions. The warranty extends to cover replacement parts and repair services, minimizing costs for back glass issues.


In conclusion, if you find yourself with a broken back glass on your iPhone 12, there are different options available for replacement. You can choose to go with professional repair, which offers precision and expertise, or you can opt for a DIY approach if you feel confident in your skills. Whichever method you choose, make sure to follow the necessary safety precautions and have the right tools at hand. It’s also worth considering Apple’s official repair procedure, especially if your device is still under warranty. Lastly, taking preventive measures to protect your iPhone 12’s back glass can save you from future damage and the need for replacement. By being mindful and cautious, you can keep your device looking pristine and functioning flawlessly.