iPhone Screen Repair

You Can Fix Your iPhone Screen For Any Shattered Or Broken Glass You May Be Dealing With

iPhone screen repair is the most popular repair service we provide at Helpertech.  Whether you have cracked glass, or a shattered and broken screen, it’s a common fix and something Helpertech can do very fast!  All iPhone screen repairs come with a lifetime warranty on the repair, and you also get $20 in free store credit to buy things like screen protectors and iPhone cases.  With no appointment needed and fast 15 minute iPhone repair, Helpertech in Eagan, MN and Burnsville, MN can get your iPhone screen repair done fast!


  • iPhone screen repair is the most common repair we see on iPhones

  • You can get your iPhone screen fixed in just 15 minutes at Helpertech

  • If your phone has cracks, you can get your screen replaced

  • If your iPhone screen is shattered, you can get your iPhone screen replaced

  • At Helpertech you get $20 store credit, to buy accessories or other products with each iPhone screen repair

  • You get a lifetime warranty on all screen repair services with Helpertech

  • No appointment is needed for an iPhone screen repair at Helpertech

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Here is the transcription from Episode 1 Can You Repair An iPhone Screen When It Has Broken Or Shattered Glass;

Jesse: Hey, everyone, Jesse here with Jamey Dolan. Doing a little Helper Tech Talk, and today we’re gonna talk about repairing iPhone screens. I think everybody’s either broken one or knows somebody that’s broken one. Pretty common deal out there, we’ve all dealt with that, or I myself, I know for a while I had an iPhone that I broke, and I just put tape over the screen until I really couldn’t stand it any more. So pretty familiar with this topic myself here, but can you repair an iPhone screen? That’s a question we get a lot of times. Maybe talk about that.

Jamey: Yeah, we most certainly can. Screen repair is the most common repair we see on the iPhone. Like you said, everybody’s dropped their phone at some point in the life of owning the phone. Just a matter of when you’re gonna break it, not if, right?

Jesse: Sure.

Jamey: So yeah, iPhone repairs, again, most common repair that we do. And we can actually do those repairs in as little as 15 minutes if you choose. There is a bit of a premium price for that repair time. If time’s not so much the issue for you, the maximum amount of time we need to do an iPhone repair is one hour. So come into either of our two locations, and anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour, depending on which choice you choose, we can get you in and out of the store. LCDs look great, I mean, no one likes using a phone with a big old crack over it. Or if you’ve got one of the ones that’s completely shattered, it’s a pain in the butt to try to use your thumb to try to navigate the screen when you’re cutting yourself up.

Jesse: Sure.

Jamey: So if that’s happening to you, there’s no need to deal with that. You can come in to either of our locations, and inside of an hour or less get that new screen put on at our location. You also get $20 in store credit with a new screen assembly you can spend on any accessories. So it’s just an add-on that we put on there for you as a thank-you for doing business with us.

Jesse: What do you mean, you get $20 in store credit for accessories? Like I can buy speakers or …

Jamey: Yeah, we actually have a lot of different items. So we have some of the more common things you see, such as tempered glass screen protectors, cases, charge cables. We also have car chargers and wall blocks to go with those charging cables. We also have generic style cases, and we also have premium brand cases. So depending on how you want to spend that $20, there’s a lot of options for you. We also allow you to spend that on any of the products that we have for sale in the store. So maybe you don’t need a new case, you already had one, maybe you don’t need a new charging cable. But you are in the market for a new laptop. You can take that $20 store credit we give you and apply it to one of those product purchases if you don’t need any accessories.

Jesse: Okay.

Jamey: So yeah, and like I said, just a thank-you that we like to put out there for the customer for doing business with us, just little something to go with that screen repair.

Jesse: Now, a follow-up question I have on the screen repair. What kind of warranty is there on that? So it sounds like super-f