Learn the Usual Fixes Needed for Phones Having Signal Problems

Helpertech can easily fix signal problems with your phones. The usual problems are usually the antennas in which we might have thought that our phones only have one antenna. Helpertech can help you with all your connective problems on your phone. Some issues can be done in a few minutes and some tajes more time.


  • The usual reasons for signal problems with your phones

  • Types of antennas you have in your phones

  • What are the basic fixes for signal problems

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Hi everybody, it’s Cassey from Helpertech and today I’m going to talk to you about some fixes that can help you with signal issues.

On these phones, there are two different antennas. There is a main antenna up here that is usually for GPS, Bluetooth, anything like that, and then you have a second antenna. It’s this cable right here that is actually connected down on the charge board. So when you’re trying to figure out, well, you’re not getting signal, you know it’s not where you’re at, you know it’s not the house, you know you have signal, everyone else as your carrier has signal in this area, then you want to look at replacing either of these antennas.

More often than not it is the antenna that’s on the charge board, and this is true of [inaudible 00:00:46] all iPhones, but sometimes it can also be this one up here. If you’re having issues with GPS, it’s going to always be this one. If you have to replace the charge board, this is one of those where you’d have to take out the whole motherboard in order to do so, ’cause the charge board does wrap around underneath the motherboard. This is the connector right here, and obviously, that is underneath.

Otherwise if like I said, you’re having issues with Google Maps not finding you directions, anything like that, you’d want to be looking at this one. There’s just two screws you got to take out here and then the couple of screws actually holding down the antenna itself. This is a relatively easier pair that you can get done in under 20 minutes. The charge board repair is the one that you would need more time on, just because, like I said, you’re going to take the whole motherboard out.

We can do both of these repairs. If you have any connectivity issues, please let us know. You can give us a call and we can talk over your options. Our phone number is 651 605 2570. You don’t need an appointment, just stop in anytime and we can do a diagnostic on your phone and go from there.

You guys have a nice night.

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