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If your students need a computer that would help them with their school’s homework, Chromebook is the ideal laptop for you. It is not expensive. In fact, it is very affordable and very easy on the budget for every parent. Chromebooks may not be big in storage, but with the help of cloud servers, this laptop can easily perform the tasks needed by your student in school.


  • Specifications of Chromebooks

  • They are ideal laptops for students

  • Chromebooks are easy on the budget

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Hey everybody, it’s Cassey from HelperTech and I just want to tell you about our two new Chromebooks I just got in here today. They’re really good computers if you’ve got kids going into school, if they’re gonna need anything to surf the internet, Word, email, whatever. Do homework, get them off your computer, off the desktop. These are nice, cheap computers that’ll get them through the year. They don’t have a ton of storage but if you’re using the Cloud, which a lot of schools are these days, that’ll be just fine. They both have 16 gigs worth of storage on there, this one’s got two gigs, the other one has four gigs of RAM.

Good processors, like I said these are just cheap computers you can give to your kids, let them do homework on them and not have to worry about them being on your nice stuff. Stop in, take a look, we’re open 10 to six during the week. If you have any questions, you can give me a call. My phone number is 651-605-2575. These are really nice computers, they’ll get you where you need to go. So come in and check them out for yourself. You guys have a nice night.

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